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Lots to Report!!!
(posted on December 26, 2010)
*DVD tracklist updated on April 1, 2011*

Happy holidays, everyone! (^^) As the title says, I've got lots to report!!!

1) Watch moumoon videos, in one convenient place.  You can now watch (most) moumoon videos on the "Movies" page of their official website. You can also visit avex's official YouTube channel, and search for videos there.

Here are direct links to both pages:

2) moumoon's popularity is soaring.  Their songs keep getting remade (mostly as orgel/music box versions) by other artists. They were also voted "4th Best Breakout Artist" in a poll made by Music Station.  And best of all, they were invited to perform at lots of special events. moumoon performed alongside lots of popular artists, including Ayumi Hamasaki, KAT-TUN, Arashi, Ikimonogakari, EXILE, and L'arc~en~Ciel.

The two biggest live events were: the "Act Against Aids (AAA)" concert, held on Internation AIDs Day (December 1); and "Music Station's Super Live", which is a huge, year-end live concert.

I've updated their "Singles" discography.  Their two latest singles ("moonlight/SKY HIGH/YAY"; "my Secret Santa") have been added to the site. The lyrics have also been translated. =D

Both CDs are also listed on the Commercialized Songs page. I've also posted video links on this page, so be sure to check it out!

4) moumoon is releasing a new album next year!
It's expected to be released on March 2, 2011. (^^) Right now, the name of the album is unknown...but the album will feature 3 or 4 new songs, as well as:

The album will be released in THREE formats (DVD tracklist updated on April 1, 2011):

    Version #1: CD+Music Clip DVD 
    The DVD will feature a "music clip" (also known as a PV/music video) for one of the songs, as well as the "making of" that PV. In total, the DVD will contain the following music clips:

    1. Flowers
    3. Do you remember?
    4. Tiny Star
    5. more than love
    7. On the right
    8. Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai ~drama ver.~
    9. Sunshine Girl
    10. moonlight
    11. YAY
    12. 15 Doors
    13. History of moumoon
    14. [BONUS] - 15 Doors (Making of)
    15. [BONUS] - moonlight (Making of)
    16. [BONUS] - Sunshine Girl (Making of)

    Version #2: CD+Live DVD
    The DVD will feature performances from their "FULLMOON LIVE SPECIAL 2010 ~harvest moon~" concert:

    1. SPARK
    2. Dreaming Driving
    3. Sunshine Girl
    4. On the right
    5. Tiny Star
    7. Plastic Joy
    8. RIFURAIN (Refrain)
    9. Do you remember?
    10. [ENCORE] - good night

    Version #3: CD Only
    The CD will includes a bonus track: "PINKY RING (Live ver.)", which was recorded from their 'FULLMOON LIVE SPECIAL 2010 ~harvest moon~" concert. This song is NOT available on Version #2's DVD.
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