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Not an April Fool's Joke
(posted on April 1, 2011)

...It's actually true: I AM still alive. And so is this website. xD

Life's been kinda crazy for me, with school, illness, and a few deaths in between.  But everything is fine now...and I come bearing gifts!

  1. I've FINALLY added the "15 Doors" album to the site! (^^) It hasn't been translated yet (Kiwi Musume has been SUPER busy with work lately), but the romaji lyrics have been posted.
  2. "my secret Santa" is finally translated. :D
  3. moumoon (and several other artists) are going to be featured on a tribute album for m-flo, a very popular hip-hop group. The album is called m-flo TRIBUTE ~stitch the future and past~, and it should be released on April 20, 2011.

    As an apology for not updating the website in months...I promise as soon as this CD is out, I'll post the song in the "Tributes" discography (and possibly, in the "Downloads") section.

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