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Big-@$$ Update
(posted on October 20, 2011)

There's LOTS of news to report, especially since I haven't made an update in over 6 months. (x_x) Going to 2 schools really IS time consuming and tiring. :\


Anyway, here's what happened since April 1!:

TWO new singles!!

It came out on August 3, and is their first single in nearly a year! ("my Secret Santa" was the last single they released, believe it or not. O_o)

The single is called "Chu Chu". (^^) I've posted more information (as well as translated lyrics!) in the Discography section.

...Oh, and a second CD single will be released in November!  Keep reading this update to learn more.

The "Commercialized" section has been updated.

"HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY" was used in a commercial for Chiyoda Shoe's "Cedar Crest" line. Click here to watch the commercial; it's really nice!

Their latest single, "Chu Chu" was also used in a commercial, and so was another new song: "Spicy", which was used for a company called Amo's Style.

Two new songs (including a NEW SINGLE!) were created for "Amo's Style"

SONG #1: "Spicy"

From May 20 to June 2, 2011 only, if you bought something from a store called Amo's Style (which looks like a Japanese version of Victoria's Secret), you'd get a free ringtone (or "Amo's Style ver.") of the song. ^^

No word on when -- or if -- the full song will be released. And unfortunately, I can't find the ringtone or even a sample of the ringtone. :(

SONG #2: "MAKURON (Macaroon)"
This song was announced in August. (^^) Unlike "Spicy", you CAN listen to the song in these videos.  AND, a full version will be released...because "MAKURON (Macaroon)" is going to be moumoon's 13th single!

• They did another tribute song, AND another collaboration.

New Tribute Song: "Come Back to Me"

A tribute album for "m-flo", an R&B/hip-hop group, was released on April 20.  It was originally due on March 23, but the tsunami/earthquake tragedy postponed the release. moumoon covered one of m-flo's first hit songs, "Come Back to Me". (^^) More info can be found in the Tributes section.

New Collaboration: "DAYDREAMS"
YUKA also did another collaboration with MAKAI (their first song together was "Can't You Feel").  She's a guest vocalist on MAKAI's 7th anniversary album. (^^) In fact, most of the album's songs are actually his old hit songs...but YUKA was one of only 2 artists to do a new song for the album. That means she's special, and MAKAI really likes her. :D

Anyway, you can click here to get a preview of the song. (^^) It's a NICE song.  Unfortunately, I can't find the full song anywhere (not even on iTunes Japan), so this song has NOT been added to the "ollaborations section yet.

moumoon held TWO free, acoustic concerts on Ustream

Concert #1: "July 2011: Fullmoon LIVE"
The first, earlier concert was on July 15. This time they had a small audience (and answered questions), and they actually gave a FULL LENGTH (62 minutes!) concert!!

Unfortunately, this video is no longer "officially" available (because only ONE concert at a time can be hosted on their UStream account).  But fear not: you can get the full concert here, on the Downloads page. ^^

Concert #2: "October 2011: Fullmoon LIVE"
Their second, newest concert was on October 12...and it began with moumoon battling each other in "Super Mario Bros. 3".  Totally random, lol. xD

The October concert is still available at moumoon's UStream channel, but hurry!!

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