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Big News for a Happy Holiday Season
(posted on December 26, 2011)

First of all, Happy Holidays!  Have a great New Year, Christmas, Hannakuh, or whatever you celebrate. :D

In honor of the holidays, moumoon and I have a lot of presents for you!

New UStream concerts

A concert was held in October (and supposedly in November, but that footage hasn't been released yet). You can visit this website to see the previous UStream concerts.

Turns out they also did another concert in September...which I NEVER knew about. It was done in front of a large audience, and was AWESOME. This time, we get to see YUKA play the violin...AND they did a FULL VERSION of "We Go" (skip to 104:35)! That's the intro track from the "15 Doors" album. The full version of "We Go" will also be released on their upcoming album. More info on the album will be mentioned later in this update.

Also, on December 24, they're going to have another live performance. See below for more info. Hope to see you there!!:

Air Date: Dec-24-2011
Start Time: 18:00 (Doors open at 17:30)

Nico Douga URL:

UStream URL:

More info about their newest single

The song "Macaron" is on the CD single, but that's NOT the name of the single.  Instead, the new single is called "uta o utaou"...which, of course, is the name of yet another new song. (^^) The CD single came out on December 14...and yes, a special website has been created for the new single.

The music video for "utau o utaou" was released a few weeks earlier (in November), and it's pretty cute.  And, the full version of "Macaron" (with awful audio quality; probably ripped from moumoon's radio show) was leaked in November, too. >.>

Another new song was revealed

Also in November, they revealed another new song.  It's called "Yes / No Continue?", and will be used as a "special promo" (i.e., a "commercial + music video") for the Japanese version of "The Amazing World of Gumball", which is a cartoon that airs on Cartoon Network. Some of you might remember that Cartoon Network was famous for doing a LOT of these "commercial/music videos", like this old one for the U.S. version of Dexter's Laboratory.

"Yes / No Continue?" was also used (and first debuted, in November) on this commercial for the Jill Stuart clothing store. A month later, the special promo video for "Gumball" was finally released...and it had a longer version of the song. :D

EDIT: In the beginning of December, the full version of the song was apparently "leaked" on moumoon's radio show.

(Special thanks to this website for mentioning the Jill Stuart commercial!)

A brand new album will be released!

The album is called "No Night Land", and will be released on February 8, 2012.  There will be two versions: CD Only, and CD + 2 DVDs. The tracklisting is as follows:

Album Tracklist

01. Chu Chu

02. Yes / No Continue?

03. JETTO KOUSUTAA ("Jet Coaster")

04. Butterfly Effect

05. uta o utaou

06. I found love.


08. Bon Appetit

09. We Go

10. good night (studio live version) [bonus track, for CD Only version]

DVD #1 -- PVs

01. Chu Chu (PV)

02. uta o utaou (PV)


04. Bon Appetit (PV)

05. TOMODACHI / KOIBITO (behind-the-scenes footage)

06. Bon Appetit (behind-the-scenes footage)

07. No Night Land (behind-the-scenes footage)

DVD #2 -- Live Concert

01. Fullmoon Live concert

02. Fullmoon Live concert (behind-the-scenes footage)

The "Commercialized" section has been updated.

I just added "Yes / No Continue?", since it was used in two different commercials. :D

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