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A Small (But Important) Update
(posted on January 21, 2012)

YUKA did another collaboration

She recently collaborated with Tiara; they made a song called "Egao no Kimi ga Suki Dakara". The song will be released on Tiara's album, "Flower", which comes out on January 25. Thankfully, the song's PV has already been released. =D

Audio samples for the entire "No Night Land" album have now been released

You'll find all the samples on their new (and REALLY CREATIVE!) special site, which was made in honor of the "No Night Land" album.  Once you click the "Enter" button, you'll interact with each track in a variety of ways.

For example, if you go to track 3 ("Jet Coaster") and scroll the page, you'll make the rollercoaster and merry-go-round move! The rest of the songs have some sort of movement as well. In short, it really does feel like you're at an amusement park called "No Night Land". :D

FYI: That same website revealed that most of these songs will be used in commercials, TV shows, etc.  Therefore, I've updated the "Commercialized" page based on this website's information.

January UStream concert + new PVs
if you missed January's concert, it's still available on moumoon's UStream page. This concert was particularly special because they performed an acoustic version of a new song ("Tomodachi / Koibito").  A week later, they released the official PV for "Tomodachi / Koibito". =)

At the end of that same concert, they aired yet another new PV.  This time it was the PV for "Bon Appetit".  This song is totally different from moumoon's usual sound: it has a techno/house vibe to it...and sounds like something MEG, capsule, or PERFUME might do.

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