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Updates for April 21, 2012
(posted on April 21, 2012)

Well it's been exactly 3 months since my last update, but I'm back! =D

The "Commercialized" Page has been updated

I've also updated the "Commercialized" page because 2 songs ("Bon Appetit", "Love is Everywhere") were used in new, the Valentine's Day commercial for Ghana Chocolate (the song used in it was "TOMODACHI / KOIBITO") has now been released. I posted the video URL in the "Commercialized" page.

I also added their newest CD single ("Wild Child") to this page. To learn more about this CD single, please keep reading this update.

THREE new CDs, and one collaboration, have been released!!!

A new album, "No Night Land", was released in February. (^^) week before that album came out, they announced ANOTHER CD called "Love is Everywhere". That CD single was officially released on March 14, which is basically Valentine's Day #2 in Japan.

moumoon also had an iTunes exclusive album THAT WAS NOT ANNOUNCED ON THEIR WEBSITE. It was released on January 9 -- one month before "No Night Land" -- and it's a live album. All of the songs were ripped from their full length, September 2011 concert. This concert first aired on UStream, and "We Go (Full Version)" debuted here. (^^) If you want to rewatch this concert, click here.

Lastly, YUKA collaborated with a JPop artist named Tiara, and they made a song called "Egao no Kimi ga Suki Dakara". It was released on Tiara's album, "Flower", that was released on January 25.

Romaji lyrics (and MP3 samples) have been added for all of these CDs. To see everything, you'll have to visit 3 areas on this website: the Albums, Singles, and Collaborations pages. (^^) Hopefully all of these songs will be translated by the time their newest single comes out.

Yes, that's right: yet ANOTHER CD has just been announced!!

Ironically, I found out about this new CD single (CDS) on April Fools Day. (xD) But it wasn't a joke...although it is funny how fast moumoon's been releasing music. Anyway, the CDS is called "Wild Child", and its PV was going to be revealed at their "Fullmoon Live" concert in April.

But here's the thing: moumoon (supposedly) had TWO live UStream concerts this month. The first one supposedly aired on April 7; it was probably their usual, short, acoustic concert. I missed this concert, if it actually happened. T__T

Two days later on April 9, they aired another concert. This time it was shown on UStream and Nico Douga...and it was a large, full length, "real" concert. It was part of their "No Night Land" Tour, and over 20 songs were performed (view the complete tracklist here)! At the end of the concert, the PV for "Wild Child" was revealed. I recorded this concert (and the PV), so you can get them both on the Downloads page.

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