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Updates for August 6, 2012
(posted on August 6, 2012)

Yes, I have returned! Life has been beating me down and keeping me busy, but fear not! I have gifts for you, and LOTS of news! =D

I fixed a few errors on the site.

Apparently I was missing the CD covers for YUKA's collaboration with Tiara, on a song called "Egao no Kimi ga Suki Dakara". This has now been fixed.

I've updated the Discography pages.

Kiwi Musume translated the Japanese parts in the following songs:
I also added the "Wild Child" CD single to the site.  At the moment, there's only romanized lyrics for the CDS...but I'm working with Kiwi Musume to get them translated.  She's also been very busy with life, so please bear with us.  Sorry for all the delays! >_<;

There have been THREE (3) "FULLMOON LIVE" concerts

These concerts were held on: June 4, July 4 (which was an EVIL date for a concert; that's a holiday here in the USA), and August 2.  I downloaded the June and July concerts, and I'll post them as soon as I figure out how to convert the files. Right now, I can't see video; I only hear audio. o_O

I recorded the August concert....but it was about 75% dialogue. However, a "special announcement" was made at the concert (see the next section to find out what it was!).

Only 4 songs were performed...but it included 2 new songs from an upcoming single!

FULLMOON LIVE: August 2012 Setlist
1) Flowers
2) Hanabi *new song* (the PV played; they didn't actually sing this)
3) summer time *new song* (they aired the actual, CD version of this song)
4) good night

moumoon will have a fan club!

I'm pretty sure this was the "special announcement" they made at the August concert. (^^) They've also posted the news on their website as well, and that's where I read it (thanks to Google Translate). More official details on the fan club will be released at a later date.

(You know, they've been releasing so much music this year, I thought the "special announcement" was that a new, second album would be dropped this year. That's what Do As Infinity is doing...)

ANOTHER CD single will be released this year!

This single was announced on July 6, and it'll be named "Hanabi"." The song is a ballad, and it's quite beautiful. (^^) Watch the "Hanabi" PV (which was released around July 23) and see for yourself.

moumoon decided to write "hanabi" as 儚火, which is rather creative/unusual:

(as stated by lanfix, on JPOP Central's "moumoon" thread)

"looks like YUKA trying to be creative.
the first character 儚 usually read as 'hakanai' (儚い) means 'transient'
so 儚火 is 'transient' and 'fire', well it can means 'fireworks' "

NOTE: The "hana" in "hanabi" is usually written as 花 or 煙...and NOT 儚

Just like with "Wild Child", will be THREE versions of this CD single: CD + 2 DVDs, CD + 1 DVD, CD Only. The DVDs are (1) "Hanabi" PV + behind-the-scenes footage, and (2) FULLMOON LIVE TOUR 2012 ~No Night Land~. This is the full-length concert from NHK Hall; it aired April 9 on Ustream/Nico Douga.

The tracklisting (with added previews) is:

01. 儚火 (Hanabi) [download the full MP3 preview]
02. summer time [download the full MP3 preview]
03. Sunshine Girl ~Remix~
04. Chu Chu ~Remix~
05. 儚火 (Hanabi) ~instrumental~
06. summer time ~instrumental~

Side Note: I'M GETTING TIRED OF "Sunshine Girl". And "Chu Chu" is annoying me, too. Stop with all the bubblegum pop songs! I know "Sunshine Girl" was your breakout hit, but PLEASE STOP RELEASING THIS DAMN SONG!!!!!!

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