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Updates from August 2012 - January 2013
(updated on January 19, 2013)

It's been FIVE MONTHS since I last updated the website (yikes! x_x), so I've got a lot to report. But first, I need to mention something: I want to change WAFTF's layout! Please fill out this small survey and give me your opinion! Thanks in advance! :D

Now then, onto the updates for moumoon!! I'll be mentioning things in brief, straight-to-the-point manner though.  You might remember that I last updated in August, and mentioned a new CDS called "Hanabi".  So:

URGENT: Starting this Monday (Jan. 21), moumoon will be having a 7-day, LIVE concert series on Nico Douga!

BIG thanks to karenaihana (from, and for the news! See below for all the start dates, times, and URLs. And here's the official statement from moumoon's Facebook page:

"moumoon will vary their live performance each day for seven days starting from January 21st. This is the first project of this type for Nico Nico Live and is also moumoon's first time to attempt serial live stream performances. moumoon has been holding 'FULLMOON LIVE' each month on the full moon night since their debut. It all started from a live podcast of 'FULLMOON LIVE' on Nico Nico Douga about two years ago. They wished that more people could see their live performance. Nico Nico Live fans wanted to see moumoon more than once a month. Their wishes came together to make this project happen.

moumoon is planning to try something new for this live steaming event. Everyday will have a different theme such as 'TV commercial song day', 'cover song day' and 'fan request song day,' etc."
-from moumoon's official Facebook page

Below is all the information for these concerts. (^^) You can also use timeshift for these performances; it lets you watch a missed performance! Read this page to learn more about using timeshift.

Please note that SOME OF THE START TIMES ARE DIFFERENT! In general, they seem to start at 20:00, but the start times are (supposedly) different on Wednesday and Sunday.

Doors open at 19:50 [see what time this is in your timezone]
January 21 (Monday)
January 22 (Tuesday)
January 24 (Thursday)
January 25 (Friday)
January 26 (Saturday)

Doors open at 18:50 [see what time this is in your timezone]
January 23 (Wednesday)

Doors open at 22:20 [see what time this is in your timezone]
January 27 (Sunday)

1) I updated the following pages:

2) moumoon has a Facebook page.

They announced it on August 29, and it's now the 8th most popular JPop page on Facebook! (^^) Many of their Facebook posts include images, YouTube links, and bilingual (English/Japanese) text!! I strongly suggest you go here often, because they'll sometimes reveal news on Facebook that is NOT posted on their official website.

3) There have been several "FULLMOON LIVE" Concerts, and I discovered a "trick" behind the concerts.

 First off, here are the concert dates:

 ...And here's the "trick" I discovered. I felt smart AND stupid when I discovered this trick. Basically, moumoon has concerts whenever a real, full moon occurs! That's why the concerts are called "FULLMOON LIVE"!  That also explains why there were TWO concerts in August: there were two full moons that month, which is rare (and called a "blue moon"; this rare event led to the expression "once in a blue moon").

 This page lists the phases of the moon. Now you'll know exactly when the next concerts will be held!:

4) YUKA was featured on a tribute album released on September 26.

The album is called "Tokyo Cafe Style #2", and is a tribute to Yumi Matsutoya (she was a huge JPop singer from the 70s and 80s, affectionately nicknamed "Yuming" by her fans. Her stage/maiden name before marriage was Yumi Arai).  You might recall that YUKA covered another one of her songs, "Rouge no Dengon". ^^

YUKA performed on
track 2 ("Mamotte Agetai") and track 6 ("Koibito ga SANTA KUROSSU [Santa Claus]", a duet with Ayako Ikeda).

5) A new CD single will be released on February 27.

Based on an email I received from CDJapan, this CD will be called "Boku Tachi no Machi / Sunny Days" and it's a tie-in with Sesame Street. (^^ - "Sunny Days" is probably a reference to the lyrics of the Sesame Street theme song.)

6) A new album will be released on January 30...and moumoon gave "hints" about the album since August.

...By "hints" I mean, they revealed SEVEN new songs (mostly in November). I've listed all the songs in order of release/announcement. Click on each song title to download an MP3 sample, or use the audio player to hear them all:

  1. Vanitas -- this song was revealed on September 24 (but only on their Facebook page).  It was later announced on their website on October 10 (which is the same day they released "Vanitas"...and the same day they revealed "Doko e mo Ikanai yo"). "Vanitas" was an iTunes exclusive. The song was used in a TV series called Friday Prestige, in an episode called "Dolce" (which aired October 12). The song title was originally written in Japanese as バニタス ["BANITASU"].

  2. Doko e mo Ikanai yo -- this was also revealed on October 10, but only on their Facebook page. They would later announce the song on their website too, on November 6 (which is the same day that another song, "Midori no Michi", was revealed). "Doko e mo Ikanai yo" was used as the ending theme to a TV drama called "Yusha Yoshihiko to Akuryo no Kagi" (which aired on October 12, the same day the "Dolce" episode with "Vanitas" aired). You can hear "Doko e mo Ikanai yo" (as well as the show's opening theme) in this video clip.

  3. Utsukushii Hito -- the song will be used as the theme (in February 2013) to a movie called "Little Maestra" (view the trailer here; sample appears at 1:11). The song was announced on November 5, and the movie trailer appeared on November 11.  moumoon also posted a longer sample during their December 28th "FULLMOON LIVE" concert...and its short version PV was released on January 1. (Side Note: I like this song. YUKA's vocals are VERY goo, and it sounds like something Ikimonogakari would sing...and that's a huge compliment!)

  4. Midori no Michi -- this song was revealed one day later, on November 6. It was used as the background music/ending theme to a series called "Heather LOVE: Short Movies". Each episode is about 10 minutes long (and really cute!); you can watch the episodes here. (The song first appeared in Episode 1, at 6:38 and 9:19 in the video.

  5. DREAMER DREAMER -- this song (and its self-titled CD single) were announced the next day, on November 7.  It was also revealed that the CD would be released on December 12 (that's 12/12/12!), and include the songs "Doko e mo Ikanai yo" & "Midori no Michi". The "short version" PV -- and therefore, an MP3 sample -- of "DREAMER DREAMER" was revealed on November 21, 2012.

  6. Amazing Grace -- on November 22, this song was revealed. It was part of a bonus CD (also called "Amazing Grace") in the  November 2012 issue of Zexy Magazine (which is a wedding magazine). This is one of three tracks on the CD: the second song is listed below, and the third song is "Amazing Grace" by Boyz II Men. Unfortunately, "Amazing Grace" will NOT be included on the new album.

  7. ANIBERUSERU (Anniversaire) -- this is the second moumoon song on the "Amazing Grace" bonus CD, and it's a completely original song! It was originally written in Japanese as アニベルセル [ANIBERUSERU]. This song WILL be included on the new album.

7) The album's title and tracklisting were revealed on December 18.

MP3 samples for the album were posted on their website, and they were also aired during the December 30th "FULLMOON LIVE" concert.  Most of the new songs were already revealed above, so here are the remaining tracks:

  1. Help Me
  2. PAIN
  3. NEBA INAFU (Never Enough)
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