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DREAMER DREAMER / Doko e mo Ikanai yo
(Official CD Single #16)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-48620 [CD + DVD], AVCD-48621 [CD Only]
+Release Date: December 12, 2012

+More Info:
This is moumoon's first "double A-side" CD single (CDS)...although to be honest, they should've made it a "triple A-side" like they did with "moonlight/SKY HIGH/YAY". The DVD only contains the PV/music video (and behind-the-scenes footage) of "DREAMER DREAMER". It was released on 12/12/12! :D

Aside from being moumoon's first double CDS, it's also moumoon's 16th official CDS...and apparently part of a growing trend. It too, like "Vanitas", was first announced on Facebook and then announced on their website weeks later. In fact, this single was announced on the same day that "Vanitas" was released (which was October 10), and then the website announced it nearly a month later on November 6. On that same day (November 6), "Midori no Michi" was announced -- this time on their Facebook page AND website -- and its audio was revealed on the same day (via a snippet from Episode 1 of web series called Heather LOVE: Short Movies").

The actual audio for "Doko e mo Ikanai yo" was revealed around October 12 (the same day it premiered in a TV drama), and the audio for "DREAMER DREAMER" was revealed around November 21. thoughts the actual songs. "DREAMER DREAMER" is a fast paced rock/electronic song; it sounds like a mix between "PLASTIC JOY" and "Love is everywhere". "Doko e mo Ikanai yo" is a slow, sleepy little song. It's very relaxing and quite soothing to hear. "Midori no Michi" is a bit faster (but still a slow song), and it's got more of a pop sound to it. It kinda reminds me of the song "Refrain". ^^

This CD single is nice, but the song "DREAMER DREAMER" feels a bit out of place. All of the other songs were slower and had a heavier guitar sound.

(Official CD Single #1)

CD cover
+Produced by: voicellar records / GATE RECORDS, Inc.
+Catalogue #: GAGH-0020
+Release Date: July 26, 2006

+More Info:
This is moumoon's first official CD single, which was released on an independent label. (^^) It had a limited release of 5,000 copies...and it did extremely well on the Oricon Indies charts (it ranked #7!).

The title track, "Flowers", would later (i.e., on their next CD single) be remade in English (you can also hear the English version in the Flash player). This started a trend where moumoon would release the current single's title track in English...on their next/upcoming single. So, the title track for CD Single (CDS) #2 would have an English remake on CDS #3, and so on.

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Do you remember?
(Official CD Single #2)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-31344 [CD + DVD], AVCD-31345 [CD Only]
+Release Date: December 5, 2007

+More Info:
This is moumoon's 2nd official single...but their first major release single (i.e., they're no longer on an Indie label; they're on avex, a major label). This single also features an English version of "Flowers", the title track from their first single. Plus, this single has instrumental tracks on it, AND a CD-DVD version. (^_^) The DVD has only 1 track: the music video/PV for "Do you remember?".

Two more random comments:
  1. The PV for "Do you remember?" is SO BEAUTIFUL. It combines manga, live action, a variety of colors, and stop animation (that said, please realize that the video is supposed to look "choppy" and "sluggish"). I highly suggest you watch it! =D
  2. If you flip between both CD covers, it looks like YUKA is rowing a boat. (xD) I even made this animated GIF so you can see for yourself. (Yes, I made the GIF out of boredom, hehe.)

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Tiny Star
(Official CD Single #3)

CD+DVD #1 (Tsutaya Online Exclusive) CD+DVD #2 CD Only
+Produced by:   avex trax

+Catalogue #:
AVC1-31446 [CD + DVD #1] - Tsutaya Online EXCLUSIVE,
AVCD-31427 [CD + DVD #2] - also on iTunes (w/ bonus track!),
AVCD-31428 [CD Only]

+Release Date: June 4, 2008

+More Info:
This is moumoon's 3rd official single. Like the previous single, it also has instrumental tracks...and it features an English remake to the last single's title track (i.e.: "Do you remember?"). You can also hear the English version in the Flash player. ^^

This single is also unique because it has THREE versions:
  1. CD+DVD (Tsutaya Online): The CD contains a bonus track, "Sunrise". The bonus track does NOT have lyrics included, but they were eventually released on "moumoon", their self-titled (and third) album. The DVD features a live recording of "Tiny Star". It was recorded from their "Full moon Live" 2008 tour, which started February 21, 2008 and ended August 17, 2008. (^^) This CD+DVD is ONLY available from Tsutaya Online (an online store).
  2. CD+DVD ("Regular" Version) - "Sunrise" is not included on the CD. The DVD contains the PV/music video for "Tiny star". This CD was also released in digital/MP4 format on iTunes; however, the iTunes version does NOT have a DVD (or video clip). But it DOES include a bonus track: "Tiny Star ~Full moon Live ver.~" It's basically the same song from the Tsutaya Online DVD, so this could be considered an "audio rip".

         This bonus track/audio rip was eventually re-released on a special, iTunes Exclusive album called "moumoon -FULL MOON selection EP" -- it's a collection of previously released songs, but in a new track order. You can learn more about this CD on the Albums page.

  3. "CD Only" version
Believe it or not, if you live outside of Japan you CAN get both exclusive CDs! For the iTunes release, you'll need a Japanese iTunes card -- which you can purchase here (the vendor/site is 100% English, and it gives you detailed instructions!). And thanks to websites like this one, you can order the Tsutaya Online version. (^^) This site has people in Japan order the CD for you, then ship it to your home. Be warned though: both sites are a bit expensive to use.

Thankfully in this instance, I was able to get "Tiny Star ~Full moon Live ver.~" from iTunes...and my friend Infinitylight donated "Sunrise". So you can download both songs from the Downloads section if you want. ^^

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more than love
(Official CD Single #4)

+Produced by:   avex trax

+Catalogue #:
AVCD-31487 [CD + DVD], AVCD-31488 [CD Only]
Also on iTunes (w/ bonus track!)

+Release Date: October 15, 2008

+More Info:
This is moumoon's 4th official single. (^^) The DVD has 3 clips on it: the music video/PV for "more than love"; a documentary film called "Tiny Star: beside FULLMOON (Part 1)". Part 2 was released on "moumoon", their 2nd (and self-titled) mini-album (which came out one month later). The DVD also has a special "offshot" video for "more than love". I'm not sure what an "offshot" is; maybe it's special live footage of YUKA singing in the studio? (^^;) But anyway...there's also an iTunes version of this single; it has a special, exclusive bonus track: "more than love (acoustic ver.)".

When this CD was first announced, there were two possible names: "more than love", and "Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai". I have no clue where that second title came from, but WOW -- what a difference between the two! And for some reason, YesAsia still lists the second title on their site. (o_O) But now, we know that "Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai" is a separate, demo song (which you can learn more about on the Special Songs page).

Overall, "more than love" is a nice single. It's not quite as unique as "Do you remember?" (I loooove that song so much!), but it's not a disappointment either. (^^) The title track has a nice "old-school" '90s vibe to it (like something Madonna or Selena would sing), and I really like the way YUKA hits certain notes. The second track reminds me of "good night" (due to the rapping/singing), but the melody and singing is completely different. It's a nice song, but unlike "good night", it's not too unique or memorable.

Then there's the English version of "Tiny Star". You should already know that moumoon usually does an English version of their CD Single title tracks. The English version of Tiny Star is nice, although the English IS a bit awkward. Most English songs have a rhyme scheme, and these lyrics don't. Not only that, but the English lyrics aren't as deep as the Japanese lyrics, and they tell a slightly different story. Compare part of the chorus and see for yourself:

Japanese Chorus
Tiny Star --
Take a look...
Oh, shining stars
We are one of you.
vs. English Chorus
Tiny Star --
Round and round
Twinkle in the sky
So fleeting, bright
Look up and let's count them: one, two, three...
These issues are minor, however...especially when you hear the music and YUKA's singing. (^^) Overall, this single was good, and it ranked pretty well on the Oricon charts (#27)! They're moving up in the mainstream charts, and that's a good thing!!

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