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(Official CD Single #5)

+Produced by:   avex trax

+Catalogue #:
AVCD-31555 [CD + DVD], AVCD-31556 [CD Only]
Also on iTunes (w/ bonus track!)

+Release Date: February 25, 2009

+More Info:
This is moumoon's 5th official single! (^^) The DVD has two tracks: the music video/PV for "EVERGREEN", and a documentary on moumoon's "1st Album Release Tour 2008" (I'm not sure what that is. ^^;). The iTunes version doesn't have a DVD, but it does has an exclusive bonus track: "EVERGREEN ~Acoustic version".

When I saw the PV for "EVERGREEN", I didn't really like the song too much. But now that I have the actual MP3 (and therefore, there's no video to interpret [and distract me])...I actually like this song. It's simple, but catchy. ^_^

The third track is equally addictive. I have to admit that I was surprised (and kinda disappointed) that "more than love" didn't have an English cover...but I'm glad "Ai no Oto" did! This is one of my favorite songs. (^_^) Best of all, YUKA's English is really good in this song! It even rhymes in certain areas!! It was a pleasant, unexpected surprise...

...But an unexpected surprise nonetheless. And I should have taken that as a hint. Or a warning. (T_T) But anyway...I think the first and third tracks are great. So what about the second track? Well to be honest, when I first heard it I wanted to slap YUKA. T__T

The music is definitely NOT moumoon's usual style, and the lyrics aren't either; they're full of swearing, drug references, and vanity. At first I thought she was just "getting into character", 'cuz I thought this song was used in an anime show or something. But it's not used for anything. Which means YUKA just made this song because she felt like it.

After listening to the song repeatedly (and recovering from the shock the lyrics put me into), I realize that the melody is pretty darn good -- and very catchy. And I also think it was daring of YUKA to try something new. Besides, every song doesn't need to have a soft-rock sound and deal with love, right? Artists should use a little variety in their music/lyrics; otherwise they'd get predictable and stale. I just hope/pray that YUKA was being creative, and that the lyrics aren't her (future?) life story. 'Cuz it'd be a real tragedy if she turned into another Amy Winehouse.

I think YUKA will be fine, though. (^_^) One thing I know for certain is, since this single is getting a lot of attention (Track 1 is being used in a movie, Track 3 is being used on two TV shows, and Track 2 is a bit controversial), it'll be really interesting to see what their next single is like.

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On the right
(Official CD Single #6)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-31654 [CD + DVD], AVCD-31655 [CD Only]
+Release Date: July 22, 2009

+More Info:
This is moumoon's 6th official single. (^^) The DVD contains the music video/PV for "On the right", and three special clips from their "FULL MOON LIVE TOUR 2009" concerts. One clip is a "digest", which I assume is a montage/summary of everything that happened in the concerts. The last two clips are "special animations". I'm not sure what that is, but when I find out I'll let you know. =)

It's also worth noting that this time, there are NO exclusive iTunes tracks for this single. ;_;

Before I start my review, let me first say that I love YUKA's hair, clothes and shoes for this CD single. As for how I feel about the actual songs...I think they're okay. Either the lyrics are good (but the music is bad), or the music is good (but the lyrics are bad).

I'll start with the title track, "On the right". I didn't really like it at first (when I heard it on this commercial), but after I saw the PV (which is cute, by the way!), I started liking the song more. The lyrics aren't that great, though: they're super "bubbly" and "cutesy" and "shallow", which is unusual for a moumoon song. But hey, it IS summertime, and songs like this are normal for summer. So maybe that's why YUKA did it.

The second track is "Hallelujah". And I really love this song. (^^) The verses are pretty catchy, but the chorus is really moving. This is definitely one of my new favorite songs...even though it has a strange ending (it sounds like someone's slamming down on piano keys, and there's NO PIANO in this song), and its lyrics aren't that great, either.

Finally, there's the third track, which (as usual for their singles) is an English version of one of their Japanese songs. But unfortunately, they didn't use one of their previous CDS title tracks (like "more than love", or "EVERGREEN"). Instead they used "Philia", a (somewhat dull) track from their last album.

By the way: please note that the English version of the song is called "Philia", but the original, Japanese version is called フィリア ("FIRIA"). That's the difference. But for the sake of this site (since I sometimes write katakana words in English, plus I want to keep the naming style of their other English songs), I'll call this song "Philia ~English ver.~".

"Philia ~English ver.~" is a bit...different. The lyrics sound a bit odd in places. And perhaps the oddest thing about the lyrics is that this time around, "Philia" is the name of a girl in the song. It's not talking about a "love philia/obssession" like in the Japanese version. Unless...maybe the girl "Philia" is just a metaphor or personification of YUKA's "love philia/obsession"?

Yeah, I don't really know. (xD) But despite the weirdness, I actually like the English version of "Philia", even though I still think the original, Japanese version is kind of dull.

Overall, I liked this single. The first two tracks have very good music (despite the disappointing lyrics), and the third track does grow on you. It's not their greatest single, but it's pretty enjoyable nonetheless. It captures the fun and youthfulness of summertime quite well. ^^

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Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai
(Official CD Single #7)

+Produced by:   avex trax

+Catalogue #:
AVCD-31721 [CD + DVD], AVCD-31722 [CD Only]
Also on iTunes (w/ bonus track!)

+Release Date: November 25, 2009

+More Info:
This is moumoons's 7th official single (which has gorgeous cover art!), and it's one of their most ambitious CDs least when it comes to advertising and bonus goodies. ^^

For starters, there are TWO music videos/PV for the song. "Version 1" is basically just a studio take (or "jam session"), where you see YUKA and all the main musicians perform.

"Version 2" is the "Drama Mix Ver.", which was created to look like a drama series. (^^) As far as I know, the song wasn't used in an actual drama series (but it was used in an anime). In fact, I'm pretty sure "Version 2" is for this related short story, which was created by Erika Sakurazawa. Erika's name is even mentioned on the PV's description area. Unfortunately, I'm not sure who Ms. Sakurazawa is, or even what the story is about. ^^;

Speaking of the short story...something else worth mentioning is that moumoon created an entire website dedicated to this single! It includes the above mentioned short story, plus messages written by YUKA and Kousuke (which I plan to have Kiwi Musume translate someday). The site also features the lyrics and a LONG, 1½ MINUTE MP3 SAMPLE of the title track. But for some odd reason, if you visit this page and listen to the song, you'll hear a slightly different MP3 sample. (o_O) I put both samples together as best I could, and posted it on my own site! =D

As for the actual CD/DVD release...the DVD has two tracks: the "Drama Mix ver." PV (which I called "Version 2"), and the behind-the-scenes footage of "Version 1". The actual PV for "Version 1" (which is called the "Music Video moumoon ver.") was later released on "Refrain", their 3rd mini-album (which came out 3 months later).

The CD has 6 tracks (7 tracks if you include the iTunes exclusive track), and it's worth noting that:

  1. "Aoi Tsuki..." was originally released as a demo track (which you can find on the "Special Songs" page). The official lyrics (and arrangement) are a bit different. Some verses are new; others have been edited slightly. I love both versions a lot, and I like the acoustic version too.
  3. The English version of "Hallelujah" is also wonderful. (^^) By the way: please note that the English version of the song is called "Hallelujah", but the original, Japanese version is called ハレルヤ ("HARERUYA"). That's the difference. But for the sake of this site (since I sometimes write katakana words in English, plus I want to keep the naming style of their other English songs), I'll call this song "Hallelujah ~English ver.~".
  5. "Run, Rachel Run" is a bit odd, and kinda boring to me. But maybe it'll grow on me overtime. And shouldn't the title be "Run, Rachel, Run"? Where'd that last comma go? But whatever. I'm not gonna be a grammar whore this time.
  7. Shouldn't the "Run, Rachel Run" instrumental be the last track? Since the regular song is played AFTER "Aoi Tsuki..."? Just a thought. o__O
  9. The "Medley-" track is a mixture of 8 songs:

    1. Do you remember?
    2. Cinderella
    4. Tiny Star (2009 Autumn ver.)
    5. more than love
    6. Don't wanna be
    7. Philia
    8. Myself

    ...Unfortunately, these songs are just a mixture. As in they just cut/pasted portions of each song together. (-____-) For what it's worth, the first 6 tracks sound good; they fade into each other nicely (although each sample is really long: they use the verse AND chorus in each sample). But unfortunately, things get weird arter the first 6 tracks.

    For some reason, they edited (and looped) the samples for "Don't wanna be" and "Philia". All you hear is the chorus for those songs. But the last song ("Myself") is a mixture of the "verse + chorus", just like the first 6 tracks. Why they changed the format like this, I don't know.

    When they said it was a medley, I was expecting a remix or new arrangement, or a "live recording" done in concert. But instead, they used the original CD songs, and sloppily mixed together. It's a waste of 11 minutes, which could have been used for two new songs instead.

    I guess this track was supposed to promote moumoon's music, in case new fans haven't heard their older songs. But they could have done a better job; this is a train wreck. I'm disappointed, avex. -___-

Overall, this was a very unique CD in good (and bad) ways. It's not a bad single, but it definitely could have been better. Here's hoping their next single is fantastic. And here's hoping they keep making "special" websites for their new releases; it's a really creative idea!

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Sunshine Girl
(Official CD Single #8)

CD Cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-31856
+Release Date: May 12, 2010

+More Info:
This is moumoon's 8th official single. It's also the first of 2 "commercialized" singles released in May, 2010. (^^) "Sunshine Girl" was used in this commercial for Anessa sunscreen lotion. The lady on the CD cover is Yu Aoi, and she also stars in the commercial.

"Sunshine Girl" is a typical (but very cute, strangely addictive, and easy to remember) summery song. The PV/music video is really nice, too. (^^) My only complaint is that they should have combined this with "Let's dance in the moonlight" and made it a double A-side CD single; it would have been a better marketing decision. The CD is too short: it technically only has one song (excluding the instrumental).

The "Medley-" track is similar to the one on the "Aoi Tsuki..." CDS. It's a mixture of 5 songs:

1. SWEET HEART ~acoustic ver.~
2. On the right
3. RIFUREIN (Refrain)
4. Hallelujah
5. Goodnight

     ...This time, they did a MUCH better job of mixing the songs. They fade in/out nicely, the samples are MUCH shorter, and the songs compliment each other well. The last song ("Goodnight") is rather old, but it's the perfect song to end the medley. (^^) Best of all, the Summer Medley is only 3:37 in length; the Autumn Medley was 11 minutes.

Overall this was a nice single. But I really wish they added another new song...or even better, they should have released it as a double A-side cDS, and coupled it with "Let's dance in the moonlight".

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