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moonlight/SKY HIGH/YAY
(Official CD Single #9)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-31929 [CD + DVD], AVCD-31930 [CD Only]
+Release Date: November 10, 2010

+More Info:
This is moumoon's 9th official single, and their first "triple A-side" CD single. (^^) That basically means there are NO "bonus songs" on here; all three songs are individual CD singles. As a result, all three songs were used for promotional purposes. (You can visit the Commercialized Songs page to learn more). The DVD contains two clips: the PV/music video for "moonlight", and a live version of "Sunshine Girl".

Oh, and please note that the CD cover says "SKY HIGH", but the tracklisting (and lyrics) say スカイハイ ("SUKAI HAI").

Overall, I thought this single was decent: it's not the best, but it's not awful, either. "moonlight" sounded really weird at first -- the verses and the chorus seemed to clash; their melodies were just too different -- but now I think they sound pretty good together. In fact, I think the song is really cute (especially the chorus!), and it's become one of my favorites. (Although the "moonlight" PV kinda reminds me of Miho Komatsu's "Namida Kirari Tobase" PV...and that made me sad because Miho Komatsu hasn't made new music in almost 5 years.)

"Sky High" has a weird melody too...and it's got Engrish...and the song is pretty boring. "YAY" has a simple (and very catchy) melody, but it's a bit boring too. These songs are almost too cute and too simplistic; it's like moumoon didn't put too much effort into making this CD. The only standout track is "moonlight"; if that song weren't on here, then I wouldn't recommend this CD at all. =\

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Chu Chu
(Official CD Single #10)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-48146 [CD + DVD], AVCD-48147 [CD Only]
+Release Date: August 3, 2011

+More Info:
This is moumoon's 10th official single. Its DVD has the PV/music video for "Chu Chu", as well as the "making of" the PV. And as usual, they've made a special website for the single too.

I was mostly excited about the single because of "moonlight (English ver.)". I looove the original song a lot, and the English version is very good. The English lyrics are actually quite "natural-sounding", which is a good because many of their English songs were a bit "choppy" sounding. It wasn't broken/bad English, but she said things that most native English speakers wouldn't say.

As for the title track, "Chu Chu"...the title is written in romaji, NOT Japanese, and it means "Kiss Kiss". This song was actually used in this lipgloss commercial for Macquillage's lipgloss brand. The commercial (CM) uses a slightly different song: YUKA sings "Chu-New-Lip" in the commercial, but in the "real" song she's singing "Chu Your Lips". Oddly enough, the "real" song was ALSO used in a 30-second CM, in this trailer for the "Chu Chu" music video/PV.

You can compare both commercials and hear the difference yourself. (^^) The "[Maquillage] CM ver." was also included on the CD single, as Track #4. Since it's a short song, I've added the full MP3 as a sample.

"Chu Chu" is very catchy, but it's another "cutesy, 'Sunshine Girl'-inspired" song. What does that mean? It means the lyrics and melody are very light and fluffy. It's nothing spectacular or powerful, but it IS catchy. They've done better songs, but I'm pretty sure this song was written specifically for Maquillage.

"Chu Chu"s music video/PV is also cute...but in a weird way. (xD) And somehow, its weirdness makes the video worth watching.

Lastly, there's the medley, which consists of the following 6 tracks:

1. Sunshine Girl
2. Dreaming Driving
3. YAY
4. mellow

...This medley (which is the 3rd one they've done is probably the best one so far. All of the songs managed to sound NICE when played together! In fact, I might permanently keep this medley in my playlist. :D

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uta o utaou
(Official CD Single #11)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-48280 [CD + DVD], AVCD-48281 [CD Only - with bonus track]
+Release Date: December 14, 2011

+More Info:
This is moumoon's 11th official single. Its DVD has 4 tracks: the "uta o utaou" PV (and its "making of" video); and the live version of "Chu Chu" and "moonlight" (which were recorded from one of their Fullmoon Live concerts).

Sadly, there is NO "English version" of any song included on the CD single...but the "CD Only" release does have a bonus, "live" version of "Chu Chu" (which I'm assuming was recorded from the same Fullmoon Live concert).

"uta o utaou" was quite a pleasant surprise. First of all, no one even KNEW about the title track; moumoon hid it from us well. So in a way, this was like a "Christmas present" to us. (^^) Secondly, the song -- and its PV -- were created as a "winter ballad", which means it's a slow rock song. Which also means it sounds like something "the old moumoon" would do. "uta o utaou" was given a more mature sound; it's not a cutesy song like "Sunshine Girl" was.

But fear not, if you enjoy the sweet cuteness of "Sunshine Girl"! The second track, "MAKARON (Macaron)" is just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth. In fact, the song was named after an actual sweet: "macaron" is the French word for "macaroon", which is a delicious treat that's made similar to a cookie (but it looks like a miniature hamburger).

Just like an actual macaron, the song is very light and sweet. It sounds like a mix between the music of "Sunshine Girl" and the chorus of "My Darling". I'm not really a fan of overly cute songs, but this one will grow on you after a while. moumoon has a tendency to write really catchy lyrics that get stuck in your head. >_<

The live version "Chu Chu" sounds almost as good as the studio/CD version of the song. And overall it's just like "Macaron": light-hearted, sweet, not really my favorite, but DARN is it catchy and BOY did it grow on me.

I enjoyed this single a lot. All of the lyrics are very touching (even for the "super sweet" songs; you'd be surprised how deep those lyrics are!), and I really love "uta o utaou". I suggest you get a copy...or perhaps wait until their next album comes on (so that way, you can get ALL of these songs bundled onto one CD).

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Love is Everywhere
(Official CD Single #12)

+Produced by:   avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-48390 [CD Only - with 2 bonus tracks], AVCD-48389 [CD + DVD]
+Release Date: March 14, 2011

+More Info:
What's this? A new single that was released WEEKS after their album came out? Believe me, I was surprised too. This CD came out of NOWHERE, but it was a pleasant surprise. (^^) The "CD Only" version has 2 "bonus" tracks: the instrumentals to both songs. The DVD has 2 tracks as well: the PV/music video for "Love is Everywhere", and the "making of"/"behind the scenes of" that video.

The song was used in a commercial for the Canon IXY camera. I'm guessing the CD Single [CDS] cover art is (1) a plush toy (which is probably a White Day gift; I'll explain more later), and (2) a panoramic image that was probably taken with the Canon IXY camera. I have NO CLUE why they used the picture from right to left, but they did: the "CD+DVD" cover is the RIGHT SIDE of the picture, and the "CD Only" cover is the LEFT SIDE of the picture. Usually, the "CD+DVD" cover comes first.

I also have a theory about this CDS release: their latest album ("No Night Land") came out just in time for Valentine's Day, and it even had several love songs on it. In Japan, February 14 is the opposite of other countries: Valentine's Day is where girls give presents to boys in Japan. One month later (March 14), there's another holiday called "White Day". White Day is where boys give presents to girls in Japan. Therefore, think of the album as a present from YUKA, and this CD single as a present from Kousuke. ^_^

NOTE #1: Because of White Day, I REALLY thought Kousuke was going to sing instead of YUKA....but sadly, I was wrong. ;_;

NOTE #2: I think moumoon might be changing their style again. "Sunshine Girl" started a "bubblegum pop" phase that included songs like "Chu Chu"...and now "Bon Appetit" and "Love is Everywhere" might have started a "pop/electronica" phase for them. I guess time will tell...

Anyway, is their first CD with a completely pop/electronica sound to it. You might remember that their very first pop/electronica song was "Bon Appetit", which turned out to be an awesome song and further proved that YUKA can sing anything and Kousuke can create anything. (^^) That said, it makes sense that they'd include "Bon Appetit" on this CDS. Unfortunately, the remix to "Bon Appetit" sounds the same as the original song; there's no major difference, except the remix has a few more "echoes" and drums. That's it. I was disappointed by this; if they couldn't make a unique remix, then the original song should've been put on this CDS instead.

As for the title track, "Love is everywhere"....for a while, I didn't really like the song. It was too repetitive, and then someone pointed out that the chorus sounds REALLY similar to the hit song "Hello" by Martin Solveig (feat. Dragonette). I even made a comparison file so you can hear it for yourself. But eventually the song did grow on me, and now I kinda like it. I still think it could be better though.

Overall this is just a simple, sweet song that's kinda fun to listen to. Would I recommend buying it? I'm still not sure. I'll leave that decision to you. :)

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