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The songs on this page are "special" songs that moumoon did. New songs are always displayed on the first page. Usually these songs are rare and previously unreleased...which means they're either available as demos, or were only performed at live concerts. ^^

There are two ways you can sample the songs:

1) HTML: This is the original way I had it set up, where you'll have to manually download and listen to each file. Also, if you hover over the links, you'll see the kanji title of each song.

2) Flash Player (and All Special Songs): This flash player will let you listen to each sample in REAL TIME. (^^) Occasionally you can choose between different playlists (especially if the CD is a remake/tribute to another artist's work).

Here's a quick summary of how the flash player works (image opens in a new window)

Click on the 'Lyrics' icon to access the lyrics. ALL lyrics will open in ONE popup (i.e.: all of the lyrics share the same popup). This way, you won't have a TON of popups open. Besides, you can't read two lyrics at the same time, right? (^^) But if you want to open the lyrics in more than one window, feel free to right-click the links and choose "Open in New Window".

Lastly, to make the pages load faster, the tributes will be split into several pages (hence why I will alternate/color-code the links).

regular text (no link) = song not available yet

  1. Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai ~Demo ver.~
  2. Destiny
  3. Let's dance in the moonlight
  4. my secret santa
  5. "Amazing Grace" CD

5) "Amazing Grace" CD

CD Cover CD Cover
"Amazing Grace" for our Wedding
(Bonus CD for "Zexy Magazine")

+Produced by: n/a - unknown if avex is the only production company
+Catalogue #: n/a - bonus CD for a magazine
+Release Date: November 22, 2012

+More Info:
This is a bonus CD found in the November 2012 issue of Zexy Magazine (which is a wedding magazine). It's an odd CD. First of all, "Amazing Grace" is NOT usually associated with weddings (it's a Christian song talking about salvation, or saving your soul from sin...but I guess if your partner "saved" you and turned you into a good person, this song is appropriate). Also, I'd never thought that Boyz II Men and moumoon would ever be on the same album. That was a bit of a shock. o_O

"Amazing Grace" is a decent song (but I don't like Boyz II Men's version; they tend to overdo their singing nowadays). But the real highlight of the CD is the last track, "ANIBERUSERU (Anniversaire)": this is a song made entirely by moumoon and included on the CD. ^^

"ANIBERUSERU (Anniversaire)" can also be found on their "PAIN KILLER" album, but this bonus CD is the ONLY place you'll get moumoon's version of "Amazing Grace". That makes the song rare, and I recommend getting a copy of the magazine if you can...but I did include it for download in the "Downloads" section. ^^

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1) Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai ~Demo ver.~

Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai ~Demo ver.~
(Promotional/Demo CD)

Front of CD   CD (closeup)   Back of CD
(click each image for a larger view)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: n/a - promo only
+Release Date: 2008

+More Info:
Remember how CDJapan (and other online stores) said this would be the name of moumoon's next single...but instead, their next single was called "more than love"?

Well, it turns out those stores didn't make a HUGE/strange/stupid mistake afterall. "Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai" IS a real song! Based on what I've read online (with BabelFish ^^;) this song was first performed live, during moumoon's 2008 "Full moon Live" tour. The song was also put on a demo CD, which was probably given away (or sold) at the same concert...but unfortunately, no lyrics were included with the CD.

The demo CD had a limited release, so this is a pretty rare song. You might find a copy of the CD on an auction site, like Yahoo! Auctions Japan [Y!AJ], but chances are it's going to be expensive (example: someone claimed they found the CD at Y!AJ, but 31 people had bid on it and made the price jump to $33.00).

So where can you find this exclusive and rare song? Right here, of course! (^^) Thanks to a very kind person named i-chan, I was able to get the song...and thanks to Y!AJ, I managed to get pictures of the CD as well. AND, thanks to Megchan, the kanji lyrics were typed by ear, romanized and translated!!! ^^

A few months later, this song was released as an actual single...which includes a slightly different arrangement AND lyrics! You can learn more about the "official" song on the "CD Singles" page.

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2) Destiny

CD+DVD/CD cover
(iTunes Exclusive Track)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: n/a - digital download only [iTunes Japan]
+Release Date: September 16, 2009

+More Info:
This is yet another "iTunes exclusive" that was released. Usually, these exclusive songs are bundled with their CD singles...and technically, this song is no different. iTunes actually lists this song as its own single, but since their singles usually have at least 2 tracks (and since this song isn't listed in the discography on their official website), I've called it a "special song" instead.

It's also worth noting that this song doesn't have any official lyrics, either. As such, I've asked Megchan to romanize/translate it by ear, so the lyrics might have a few mistakes.

As for the actual song...it's pretty simplistic. It's definitely not the best moumoon song, but it does have its charm. Feel free to sample the song and make your own decision...and if you like the song, you can get the full version in the "Downloads" section. ^^

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3) Let's dance in the moonlight

Let's dance in the moonlight
("Mono Comme Ca" Promotional CDS #1)

CD Cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AQCD-50537
+Release Date: May 26, 2010

+More Info:
This CD single (CDS) was made for a fashion label called Mono Comme Ca. It features their rabbit mascot named "15" (pronounced "Ichi-go"). Since Ichigo is a rabbit, the single also makes a reference to this Japanese legend (more info can be found on Wikipedia, too) AND the Japanese moon viewing festival (which is held on September 15).

I've been eagerly waiting for this CD single (CDS) to be released. I mean, TWO singles in one month? And they're both being used an in ad compaign, which might mean instant popularity? AND their previous single ("Sunshine Girl") did REALLY well on the Oricon Chart and became their best-selling single? Man...I was dying to get their 2nd CDS. People were pre-ordering it like crazy too; it almost sold out on CDJapan. That's never happened before with ANY of their CDs. I knew this CD single would be awesome!!

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. I should have known something was wrong when I couldn't find the lyrics on Goo Ongaku (and they ALWAYS post moumoon's lyrics a month in advance). avex didn't even give this single a regular catalogue number: it's A*Q*CD, not AVCD. And moumoon barely even mentions the CD on their site; they didn't even post MP3 samples. It's like they're pretending it doesn't exist.

When I finally did find lyrics (which took forever), I learned that YUKA didn't even write the lyrics, and Kousuke didn't compose it (the composer is just listed as "moumoon", but Kousuke's name would usually be given). Then there's the fact that the song mentions a festival that occurs in September...but the CD was released in May. (T__T) It makes me wonder if the marketing people at Mono Comme Ca were really the ones who made this CD -- they probably came up with the general idea, and wanted to rush things, and they asked moumoon to finalize it. Which means it's technically not moumoon's fault this CD isn't good.

So what's wrong with it exactly? The melody is really bland, and badly put together. There are too many different arrangements in the song, and they don't fit together at all. To be fair, this CD was probably aimed at kids, but I think it's too boring to even hold a child's interest. The only highlight of the CD is "Usagi". But that's not even an original song (it's a popular lullaby, kinda like the Japanese version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"). And "Usagi" is (in)famously short; it's about the same length as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". moumoon's version is only 27 seconds long.

This single isn't good at all; I'm really disappointed. (Maybe that's why moumoon is releasing another mini-album so suddenly -- to redeem themselves?) They could have done a much better job, but who knows? Japan has such an ecletic taste in music that maybe it'll sell better than expected? We'll just have to wait and see.

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4) my Secret Santa

my Secret Santa
("Mono Comme Ca" Promotional CDS #2)

CD Cover
+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AQCD-50562
+Release Date: December 1, 2010

+More Info:
This is the second CD single (CDS) made for Mono Comme Ca, a Japanese fashion label, and it was released right in time for Christmas. (^^) The DVD has the official PV/music video on it, that's all.

As expected, moumoon doesn't list this single on their official discography page. But what I didn't expect is...this single is actually really good. Basically it's your typical, cute Christmas song: a simple melody, with simple (but heartfelt) lyrics. And it has an adorable music video. (^_^) The video looks similar to the "Do you remember?" PV, with the hand-drawn, animated artwork and all.

This single was really nice, and I enjoyed it a lot.

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