Sometimes moumoon will do tribute (or "cover") songs in honor of another artist. This page will let you know about all these tribute songs. (^^) It will also include tributes that other artists did in honor of moumoon. New tributes are always displayed on the first page.

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  1. RUUJU (Rouge) no Dengon
  2. Be My Baby
  3. Swallowtail Butterfly ~Ai no Uta~
  4. Come Back To Me
  5. "Mamotte Agetai" & "Koibito ga SANTA KUROSSU [Santa Claus]"

5-6) "Mamotte Agetai" & "Koibito ga SANTA KUROSSU [Santa Claus]" (Yumi Matsutoya [née Arai] tribute)

CD+DVD/CD cover
Tokyo KAFEI SUTAIRU MEMORII (Cafe Style Memory) #2/f.e.n.
(Tribute Album - 13 tracks)

+Produced by: Mastard Records
+Catalogue #: LNCM-1006
+Release Date: April 20, 2011

+More Info:
This CD has a long (and strange) title, doesn't it? Its Japanese title is 東京カフェスタイル #2 メモリー/f.e.n. What all of that means...I have no clue. (xD) But the album is supposed to have a mellow sound, and would sound perfect at a coffee house or while relaxing at home. (^^) YUKA was lucky enough to do 3 songs on the album (including an English remake!); one of the songs ("Koibito ga SANTA KUROOSU [Santa Claus]") is a duet with Ayako Ikeda.

The entire CD is a tribute album to Yumi Matsutoya. You might remember that YUKA did an earlier tribute to her, with the song "RUUJU (Rouge) no Dengon". (^^) I'm assuming YUKA did a great job with these tributes as well, but unfortunately I don't have this CD yet. When I get it, I'll post the MP3 samples and you'll be able to judge it for yourself. =D

Planet Shining (Album Cover)

Sakuban Oaishimashou
("Mamotte Agetai")

(Album - track 5 [of 10])

+Produced by: Express Records (now part of EMI Music Japan)
+Catalogue #: ETP-90123
+Release Date: November 1, 1981

SURF & SNOW (Album Cover)

("Koibito ga SANTA KUROOSU [Santa Claus]")

(Album - track 6 [of 10])

+Produced by: Express Records (now part of EMI Music Japan)
+Catalogue #: ETP-90034
+Release Date: December 1, 1980

Lastly, in case you're curious, here's the rest of the album's tracklisting:

  • Eiko Matsumoto - Kanna 8 Gousen
  • Meiko Haigo - Dandelion
  • Mio Isayama - A Happy New Year
  • Kumiko Hasegawa (feat. Meiko Haigo) - Destiny
  • Eiko Matsumoto (feat. Kumiko Hasegawa) - Cinderella Express
  • Ayako Ikeda (feat. Mio Isayama) - Hello, My Friend
  • Meiko Haigo - Mabushii Kusayakyuu
  • Mio Isayama - Futou o Wataru Kaze
  • Kumiko Hasegawa - Kokoro Hodoite
  • Ayako Ikeda - Anniversary
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    1) RUUJU (Rouge) no Dengon (Yumi Matsutoya [née Arai] tribute)

    CD cover
    (Tribute Album - 6 tracks)

    +Produced by: avex trax
    +Catalogue #: AVCD-23644
    +Release Date: September 24, 2008

    +More Info:
    This album was released by a Bitpop group called YMCK, and they collaborated with another artist called DE DE MOUSE (who I also think does Bitpop. Also, DE DE MOUSE's website is so creative and cute!!). "Bitpop" is music inspired by 8-bit video game SFX. If you've ever played an NES or Gameboy game, just think about the "instruments" and "music" you hear. That's what these songs are inspired by. (^^) However, Bitpop has a nicer sound, and it's starting to get pretty popular. (Special thanks to this site for giving me the official name for this genre of music!)

    YUKA's song doesn't sound too Bitpop heavy, but it's still really cute. In fact, the whole album is adorable. (xD) The entire album is dedicated to old pop songs. YUKA's song, "RUUJU (Rouge) no Dengon", was originally done by Yumi Arai (who later got married and changed her name to "Yumi Matsutoya". Her fans often call her "Yuming"). Yumi was a pop icon from the 1970s-1990s.

    The original song came out in 1975 (even though it sounds like a 1960s song). It was later used as the opening to "Kiki's Delivery Service", a 1989 movie by Hayao Miyazaki. (^_^) The song first appeared on the following album:

    COBALT HOUR (Album Cover)

    (Album - track 5 [of 10])

    +Produced by: Toshiba-EMI
    +Catalogue #: TOCT-10713
    +Release Date: June 20, 1975

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    2) Be My Baby (Vanessa Paradis tribute)

    CD cover
    Cappuccino Due
    (Tribute Album - 6 tracks)

    +Produced by: BEAMS RECORDS
    +Catalogue #: BBRC-6022
    +Release Date: April 18, 2008

    +More Info:
    This is a tribute album dedicated to several popular songs from the 1990s. But what's really unique about this album is that it covers a variety of music genres...and (like YMCK's "DOWNTOWN" album) it only has 6 tracks!

    moumoon (or more specifically, YUKA) did a song called "Be My Baby". It was originally done in 1992 by Vanessa Paradis, a popular French singer/actress (who's also the girlfriend of actor Johnny Depp, and the mother of his children).

    The rest of the tracks on "Cappuccino Due" are:

  • Kaori Takeda (a.k.a. "TICA") - It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over [Lenny Kravitz cover]
  • Karin - Real Love [Mary J. Blige cover]
  • Emi Tsunekawa - Man In The Mirror [Michael Jackson cover]
  • Bebe Blanchett - Don't Look Back In Anger [Oasis cover]
  • Asako Toki - Come Together [Primal Scream cover]
  • As an added twist of irony, did you know that one of Vanessa's ex-boyfriends is Lenny Kravitz? (xD) He also co-wrote her song, "Be My Baby" (and a lot of songs on that same album). The song first appeared on the following album:

    Vanessa Paradis (CD Cover)

    Vanessa Paradis
    (Album; Self-Titled - track 4 [of 11])

    +Produced by: Polydor
    +Catalogue #: R-60036
    +Release Date: May, 1992

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    3) Swallowtail Butterfly ~Ai no Uta~ (Chara / Yen Town Band tribute)

    CD+DVD CD Only
    (Mini-Album - 8 tracks)

    +Produced by: avex trax
    +Catalogue #: AVCD-38105 [CD + DVD], AVCD-38106 [CD Only]
    +Release Date: July 7, 2010

    +More Info:
    This tribute is special, because moumoon released it on their own mini-album...which was NOT a tribute album at all. They just decided to remake this song because they wanted to. (^^) The original song done by Yen Town Band, a fictitious band from the 1996 movie, "Swallowtail Butterfly". Its lead singer is Chara, a famous singer with a wispy voice.

    This song was Chara's breakout hit, and I'm proud to say that moumoon did the song well. YUKA did a beautiful job, and I'm sure Chara is pleased. =)

    Chara released the song as a CD single, but it was also featured on The song was released on the movie's soundtrack album. The Yen Town Band also released the song on the following CD single, which was released almost exactly 14 years before moumoon's "SPARK" album:

    Swallowtail Butterfly (CD Single Cover)

    (CD Single - track 1 [of 2])

    +Produced by: Epic/Sony Records
    +Catalogue #: ESDB-3697
    +Release Date: July 22, 1996

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    4) Come Back To Me (m-flo tribute)

    CD+DVD/CD cover
    m-flo Tribute ~stitch the future and past~
    (Tribute Album - 10 tracks)

    +Produced by: rhythm zone (part of avex trax)
    +Catalogue #: RZCD-46832
    +Release Date: April 20, 2011

    +More Info:
    This song was part of a tribute album to m-flo, which is a very popular hip-hop/R&B group. The tribute album was originally going to be released on March 23, but the tsunami/earthquake tragedy postponed the release. moumoon covered one of m-flo's first hit songs, "Come Back to Me". One good thing about moumoon doing this song is that YUKA, like the original vocalist (LISA), can speak perfect English.

    moumoon's remake has more of a rock/pop sound to it, which fits moumoon's style, but it sounds like YUKA's voice and the music clash a little bit (at least in the beginning). And to be honest, I think YUKA's vocals are a bit too soft for this song. LISA has a powerful voice, and it's hard to outdo her. If you want a successful remake, you should have (1) unique music, or (2) a unique voice. A remake has to be JUST AS GOOD, if not BETTER than the original version: that rule applies to music, movies, books, ANYTHING.

    YUKA's remake was sweet, and it IS enjoyable, but unfortunately it's not very unique. The music even sounds almost identical to the original song. I suggest you listen to YUKA's version FIRST, and then hear the original song. It might help you enjoy both songs better.

    Planet Shining (Album Cover)

    Planet Shining
    (Album - track 5 [of 17]; Disc 1 [of 2])

    +Produced by: rhythm zone (part of avex trax)
    +Catalogue #: RZCD-45006
    +Release Date: February 23, 2000

    Lastly, in case you're curious, here's the rest of the album's tracklisting:

  • AILI - been so long
  • MAA - come again
  • ICONIQ - Hands
  • Angelababy - TRIPOD BABY
  • IMALU (feat. WISE) - How You Like Me Now?
  • Maiko Nakamura - let go
  • SHUNYA - L.O.T. (Love Or Truth)
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