Chu Chu
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+NOTE: There are technically FOUR VERSIONS of this song. See below for more info. ("CM" is the abbreviation for "Commercial")

» "Official" Version - 3:32
» Full moon Live Version - 4:07
» Shin'ichi Osawa Remix - 3:57

» PV/CDS Trailer Version - 0:23
(The same lyrics as the official version, but has more "echoes"/reverbs in it. Was NOT officially released. This version was used in a trailer for the "Chu Chu" music video/PV. It was also used to promote the entire "Chu Chu" single.)

» Maquillage CM ver. - 0:43
(This also has "echoes"/reverbs; has NO VOCALS at the end; AND has slightly different lyrics. YUKA says "chu-new-lips" [which is the name of the lipgloss], instead of "Chu Your Lips". This version WAS released on the "Chu Chu" single.)