Dai Nagao - Older Updates

I updated Sunplaza Nagano Kun's page and added some brief information (and a new link). Special thanks to Frank S. for the help!

I added the lyrics for Londonboot's last song, which is actually called "Kachi" and NOT "Katsu"!

Turns out, the song title (勝) is only read as "katsu" when it's written like this: 勝つ. Otherwise, it should be read as "kachi".

These updates/changes can be found on the 2002, and Londonboot's pages.

I've added the translation to "Lemon Tea", by the Red Pepper Girls. Be warned: these lyrics are dirty.

I've also fixed a few mistakes in their section: Dai Nagao did NOT compose "Lemon Tea"; he just played guitar. He also played guitar (and composed) the songs "Egotistic*Champage", and "Summer Memories ~Suiei Budeshita~".

These updates/changes can be found on the 2008, 2009 and Red Pepper Girls' page.

I added MP3 samples for the Red Pepper Girls' newest songs. The lyrics aren't available yet, but when they are I'll let you know. :)

I added the MP3 sample and lyrics for "NEXT LEVEL" (by Ayumi Hamasaki).