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Ayumi Hamasaki




London Boots 1go-2go

Hitomi Shimatani


Takako Uehara
  1. I'm only listing the ORIGINAL VERSIONS of their songs.
  2. "CREA" is Ayumi Hamasaki's pen name, and it's also one of her dogs. =)

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Song Title

What  D.A.I  Did
Jan-1-2002 Daybreak D.A.I co-composed (with CREA & Jun'ichi Matsuda)

Jan-1-2002 no more words D.A.I co-composed (with CREA)

Jan-1-2002 flower garden D.A.I co-composed (with CREA). Ryo Owatari (from Do As Infinity) also played guitar.

Jan-9-2002 7 (SEVEN) Credited as "Dai Nagao"; composed

Jan-14-2002 New Days Credited as "Dai Nagao"; co-composed (with Kazuhito Kikuchi)

Jan-30-2002 Primary Credited as "Dai Nagao"; composed

Mar-6-2002 nobody else D.A.I composed

Jan-1-2002 Kachi D.A.I composed; also played guitar

Apr-6-2002 Free & Easy D.A.I co-composed (with CREA)

Jun-12-2002 beloved D.A.I composed

Jul-24-2002 independent D.A.I co-composed (with CREA)

Jul-24-2002 July 1st D.A.I co-composed (with CREA)

Jul-24-2002 HANABI D.A.I co-composed (with CREA)

Aug-21-2002 MEI AI (May I) D.A.I composed

Sept-19-2002 Air D.A.I composed

Sept-26-2002 Voyage D.A.I composed

Oct-18-2002 WE WISH D.A.I composed

Oct-18-2002 Real me D.A.I composed

Oct-18-2002 + (Plus) D.A.I co-composed (with CREA)