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Ayumi Hamasaki

Every Little Thing


Various Artists

Sie Kohinata

Kumi Koda
  1. I'm only listing the ORIGINAL VERSIONS of their songs.
  2. "CREA" is Ayumi Hamasaki's pen name, and it's also one of her dogs. =)
  3. Yes, this is the REAL song title. The original "Japanese" for it is 「・・・。」
    My guess is that "... ." means "Etc.", since there really aren't any lyrics. All Kaori does is hum "La La La".
  4. "Various Artists" is actually a group of famous musicians:

    • Lead Vocals: SOTARO (from the group, "ZZ")
    • Chorus: Ayako Furuichi (from the group, "03")
    • Rap: KEN (from the group, "DA PUMP")

    ...By the way: another member of DA PUMP is ISSA. =)

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Song Title

What  D.A.I  Did
Mar-12-2003 RAINBOW D.A.I co-composed (with CREA)

Mar-19-2003 ... . D.A.I composed. HAS NO LYRICS.
May-21-2003 Ryuusei RIDE D.A.I composed

Jun-11-2003 VIEWTIFUL WORLD D.A.I played guitar (along with Ryo Owatari)

Jul-9-2003 HANABI ~episode II~ D.A.I co-composed (with CREA)

Jul-9-2003 theme of a-nation '03 D.A.I co-composed (with CREA); also co-arranged (with Hiroki Mizukami)

Aug-20-2003 forgiveness D.A.I co-composed (with CREA)

Aug-21-2003 Natsu no Zangai D.A.I composed

Dec-10-2003 Gentle words D.A.I composed