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Sayaka Yamamoto

Dazz feed



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Ayumi Hamasaki

Dakota Star
  1. I'm only listing the ORIGINAL VERSIONS of their songs.
  2. Sayaka's solo work is actually on Dai Nagao's "Area404" label. But since I haven't made her a regular website yet, she'll be placed here temporarily.

    That said, I've excluded CDs where D.A.I. worked on ALL of the tracks. That means two CDs are NOT listed here: her first mini-album ["Sekishun"], and her first CD Single ["Bodan-yuki no Furu Machi"].

  3. Dazz feed is also on the "Area404" label, and they will be placed here temporarily as well.
  4. "CREA" is Ayumi Hamasaki's pen name, and it's also one of her dogs. =)
  5. Both songs are written/performed in English. However, Dakota Star also provided a Japanese "translation" to the lyrics, so Japanese people could understand the song. The Japanese "translations" can be found below:

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Song Title

What  D.A.I  Did
Mar-23-2006 Tsukushi no Kotodzute D.A.I composed

Mar-23-2006 Koko ni Iru yo D.A.I composed

Mar-31-2006 TATAKAU D.A.I composed

Jun-7-2006 Tsukiakari D.A.I composed

Jun-7-2006 Unyielding Intention (feat D.A.I) D.A.I played acoustic guitar (with keyboards done by AGENT-MR). HAS NO LYRICS.
Jun-21-2006 BLUE BIRD D.A.I composed

Jun-21-2006 MONSTER PARTY D.A.I composed

Oct-6-2006 T-13 Credited as "Dai Nagao"; co-composed (with Alan Brey)

Oct-6-2006 Love Won't Stand Still Credited as "Dai Nagao"; co-composed (with Alan Brey & Tasuku)