Checkicco (チェキッ娘)
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HCE's Checkicco Discography

Who are Checkicco?
"Checkicco" (which can also be spelled "Chekicco") was a massive, all-girl group. It had 21 members! They were similar to Morning Musume...but as fate would have it, Morning Musume came out the same year they did. And as a result, Checkicco got overshadowed. =(

Just like Morning Musume, Checkicco also had "shuffle groups", such as "chee's" and "METAMO". They also spawned solo artists, such as Aimi Ueda, and the now-famous Mikuni Shimokawa. (^^) Some famous people even created songs for them...such as Dai Nagao, and aiko (yes, THE aiko!!).

...You can see a discography, learn about the members, and sample a few of their songs at this site.

  1. "Hajimari" & "Hajimari -Departure 2000-" have different lyrics.

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Song Title

What  D.A.I  Did
Mar-3-1999 Hajimari D.A.I composed

May-26-1999 Saisho no Kimochi D.A.I composed

Sept-17-1999 Arigatou D.A.I composed

Sept-17-1999 Hajimari -Departure 2000- D.A.I composed