Dakota Star (ダコタ★スター)
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L to R: Alan Brey, Chiaki, and Tasuku

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Who are Dakota Star?
They're a relatively new group, and their music falls into the "Alternative Rock" category. (^^) The lead vocalist, Chiaki, fell in love with American culture at an early age, and she even went to high school in the USA! Her high school (and home) was in the state of South Dakota...and years later, her band would use "Dakota" in its name, as a sort of homage to the state.

Somewhere along her musical journey, she met a Canadian musician/songwriter named Alan Bery. Later on, they met Tasuku, a guitar. And from there, the band was born.

I basically just wrote a VERY SHORT synopsis of this page at the "TE Archive". (^^;) I highly recommend you go there and read about the band; the "TE Archive" is informative, plus it contains quotes/comments from Chiaki. ;)

  1. Both songs are written/performed in English. However, Dakota Star also provided a Japanese "translation" to the lyrics, so Japanese people could understand the song. The Japanese "translations" can be found below:

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Song Title

What  D.A.I  Did
Oct-6-2006 T-13 Credited as "Dai Nagao"; co-composed (with Alan Brey)

Oct-6-2006 Love Won't Stand Still Credited as "Dai Nagao"; co-composed (with Alan Brey & Tasuku)