Dengeki Network (電撃ネットワーク)
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L to R: Nambu Torota, Gyuzo, Danna Koyanagi, and Sango Jugo

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Who are Dengeki Network?
I'm not really sure who they are, but from what I've heard they're also a daredevil group called "Tokyo Shock Boys". Although I think their stunts are similar to the guys from "Jackass". (>.>) I don't really like that type of "humor", but I have to admit: their pictures/poses/hairstyles are pretty funny. xD

Anyway, I'm not sure if these guys are the same members of Tokyo Shock Boys, or if they're just the "singing" counterpart to the group (that means they have a past similar to the Pussycat Dolls: they actually started as a burlesque dance group, but when the manager wanted them to start singing, he recast all of the girls).

If you have any more information on Dengeki Network and/or Tokyo Shock Boys, please email me. I'll give you full credit!! =)

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What  D.A.I  Did
Jun-21-2006 MONSTER PARTY D.A.I composed