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Original Lineup
L to R: Mai Matsumuro, Yu Hasebe, and Kana Tachibana

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Who are dream?
They're a very popular group with a VERY confusing history. ^^;

dream (which is spelled in ALL lowercase) debuted in 2000, and there were 3 members: Mai Matsumuro, Yu Hasebe, and Kana Tachibana. However...on July 27, 2002, Mai left the group to pursue a career in songwriting (she was also the main songwriter of the group, so you can imagine how devastated everyone was when she left).

Auditions were held for a new member...but in the end, SIX people were added to the group, including Risa Ai and Sayaka Yamamoto (note: Sayaka also has a sub-site here). So dream became an 8-member group. But on March 28, 2004, Risa Ai left the group -- and now dream has 7 members.

With some many members, people wondered if they'd become another Morning Musume rip-off...but thankfully, that doesn't seem to be happening. dream's unique style is still holding strong. =)

You can learn more about dream, find TRANSLATED lyrics, and a full discography at the DREAM-ING NETWORK.

  1. I'm only listing the ORIGINAL VERSIONS of their songs.

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Song Title

What  D.A.I  Did
May-3-2000 Private wars D.A.I composed

Feb-28-2001 FREE AS THE WIND Credited as "Dai Nagao"; co-composed (with Kunio Tago & Hironori Yoneda)

Aug-8-2001 Our Time D.A.I composed

Jan-14-2002 New Days Credited as "Dai Nagao"; co-composed (with Kazuhito Kikuchi)