Idoling!!! (アイドリング!!!)
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Members (9):   Sayaka Kato, Rumi Koizumi, Maria Eto, Mai Endo, Mira Takiguchi,
  Erika Tonooka, Erika Yazawa, Phongchi, and Rurika Yokoyama

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Their Official Site (TV Show) | Their Official Site (Music)

Who are "Idoling!!!"?
They're a relatively new group. (^^) According to Silverbolt, a member of Hello! Online,"Idoling!!! [was originally] a variety show on Fuji TV 721 that started on October 30, 2006. It features nine female idols performing songs, playing games, and doing several other things that are typically seen on variety shows. I'm not sure if it was planned from the start, but the nine girls have adopted the name of the show and are making their major CD debut on July 11, 2007."

Unfortunately, Silverbolt didn't explain what each member looks I still can't tell them apart. (xD) The only thing I know for certain is that the girl wearing glasses (in the back row) is Maria Eto.

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Song Title

What  D.A.I  Did
Jul-11-2007 Ganbare Otome (Warai) D.A.I co-arranged (with MASA)

Jan-23-2008 Snow celebration D.A.I composed; also co-arranged (with Suzuki Kumagai)

Jan-23-2008 Koigokoro D.A.I co-arranged (with Suzuki Kumagai)