London Boots 1go-2go
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L to R: Atsushi Tamura & Ryo Tamura

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Who Are London Boots 1go-2go?
As taken from Japan Zone: "No relation, the two Tamuras met at the Yoshimoto Kogyo agency. Ryo (with dyed blonde hair) and Atsushi (with red hair and big teeth) have established themselves in the sleazy end of the comedy pool. Their shows tend to feature feuding lovers or cheating boyfriends, with the blunt Atsushi in particular dishing out caustic remarks. Ryo is something of a pretty boy but seems good-natured, especially compared with his partner. Both are rock fans and even released [several rock CDs]."

Also: "1go-2go" means "#1, #2" in English. So the group is actually called "London Boots #1, #2". And their nickname is "Lonboo". =)

  1. "Misaki": It was the opening theme to a drama series called "Shinjuku Bousou Kyuukyuu-tai". Ironically, Takako Uehara starred in the show. (^^) She's another artist featured in this section.
  2. "HEY! SLOT MACHINE": This is the B-side/bonus track on the "Misaki" CD single.
  3. "Katsu": It was the 2nd ending theme to an anime series -- "Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002". (Captain Tsubasa originally came out in the '80s, but this is a remake.)

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Song Title

What  D.A.I  Did
Dec-16-2000 Misaki D.A.I played guitar (along with Ryo Owatari)

Dec-16-2000 HEY! SLOT MACHINE D.A.I played guitar (along with Ryo Owatari)

Jan-1-2002 Kachi D.A.I composed; also played guitar