Red Pepper Girls
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L to R: Mami & Mai

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Who are Red Pepper Girls?
They're twin sisters from Korea (so they're probably part of the Hallyu/Korean Wave movement in Japan). Their music is like PuffyAmiYumi's...if they were fake lesbians. (>.>) Seriously, these girls are very provocative...and since they're twin sisters, that really makes it creepy. Twincest is just...WRONG. ><;

Anyway, some of their songs are actually pretty catchy (like this song [Koi no Diary?]). And from the looks of it, Dai Nagao might be their producer. If that's true, then eventually the Red Pepper Girls will have their own sub-site here (along with SE7EN, I-lulu, moumoon, etc).

  1. "REMON TII (Lemon Tea)" is actually a remake! The original song was by SHEENA & THE ROKKETS (1985). You can sample the song below:

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Song Title

What  D.A.I  Did
Sept-10-2008 REMON TII (Lemon Tea) D.A.I played guitar

Apr-8-2009 Neko CHERII (Cherry) D.A.I composed

Apr-8-2009 Egotistic ☆ Champagne D.A.I composed; also played guitar

Apr-8-2009 Kouchou Ranbu D.A.I composed

Apr-8-2009 AGEHA D.A.I composed

Apr-8-2009 Hyper Speed Way D.A.I composed

Apr-8-2009 Yoidore Koneko D.A.I composed

Apr-8-2009 Koi no DON KIHOOTE (Don Quixote) D.A.I composed

Apr-8-2009 Udagawachou RAKENROORU (Rock 'n' Roll) D.A.I composed

Apr-8-2009 Summer Memories ~Suiei Budeshita~ D.A.I composed; also played guitar