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Who is Shino?
Sadly, very little is known about English, anyway. I do know that she's the avex Taiwan label, which means she's Taiwanese and sings in Chinese. Her full name is Shino Lin Xiao Pei (林 曉培).

If you have any more information or websites for Shino, please email me. I'll give you full credit!! =)

  1. Both of these songs come from her album, "FOR". It was released in Japan and China, with a few differences.
    In Japan, track 2 is called "With All Might". But in China, track 2 is called "Fang Shou Yi Bo" (放手一博).

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Song Title

What  D.A.I  Did
Nov-12-2001 Music All Night D.A.I composed

Nov-12-2001 With All Might (AKA "Fang Shou Yi Bo") D.A.I composed