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Who are The TRAX?
"The TRAX" (sometimes just called "TRAX") is a Korean pop group that used to have 4 members:

  • Typhoon (the vocalist)
  • Rose (the drummer, who left the group)
  • Attack (the bassist)
  • X-mas (the guitarist)
As you can see, the group is named after all 4 members. In fact, the "official" meaning of "TRAX" is "Tyhoon of the Rose Attack on X-mas". (Yeah, that's a VERY strange/random title. xD)

A few years ago, they entered the Japanese market (just like BoA, SE7EN, Rain, and a few other Korean artists have done. This has been called "Hallyu", or "The Korean Wave"). (^^) Unfortunately, I don't think The TRAX released a lot of Japanese music, so I don't think they were very successful. =(

If you have any more information or websites for The TRAX, please email me. I'll give you full credit!! =)

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What  D.A.I  Did
Sept-14-2005 Blaze Away D.A.I composed