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The short answer is, "I don't know who did this song." ^^;

"CUBE" is an instrumental version of "Owarenai Wake ~CUBE~" (which is performed by Rie Yoshizawa, another artist featured in this section). The original & instrumental versions of "CUBE" were featured on the "Semi-double" soundtrack. ("Semi-double" was a drama series...and a semi-double is also the name of a bed/type of hotel room. ;) The soundtrack had 2 discs.

I haven't figured out who the musicians are in the song. All I know is that D.A.I composed the song (or rather, he composed the original version that Rie Yoshizawa did). My guess is that the "Semi-Double" producers used their own musicians to create the song...but I could be wrong.

If you have any more information (or websites) for this song -- as well as the "Semi-double" drama series -- please email me. I'll give you full credit!! =)

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What  D.A.I  Did
Jun-2-1999 CUBE (instrumental song) D.A.I composed. HAS NO LYRICS.