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Who are "Various Artists"?
This song was featured on the "Viewtiful Joe" soundtrack. "Viewtiful Joe" is a popular video game, created by Capcom. It's a very creative game. (^^) Anyway...the song "Viewtiful World" was performed by a group. This group was made up of several famous musicians --

  • Lead Vocals: SOTARO (from the group, "ZZ")
  • Chorus: Ayako Furuichi (from the group, "03")
  • Rap: KEN (from the group, "DA PUMP")
...By the way: another member of DA PUMP is ISSA, who's also featured in this section (in fact, ISSA's song came out the same year as "Viewtiful World"! =)

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What  D.A.I  Did
Jun-11-2003 VIEWTIFUL WORLD D.A.I played guitar (along with Ryo Owatari)