Rie Yoshizawa (吉沢 梨絵)
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Who is Rie Yoshizawa?
Sadly, very little is known about Rie Yoshizawa. (>_<) I just know that another one of her songs ("Ne, Nande...") was used in the anime series, "Trouble Chocolate".

If you have any more information or websites for Rie Yoshizawa, please email me. I'll give you full credit!! =)

  1. I'm only listing the ORIGINAL VERSION of her song.
  2. The kanji for "riyuu" (理由) is read as "wake" in the song. They both mean the same thing: "reason".

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What  D.A.I  Did
Jun-9-1999 Owarenai Wake ~CUBE~ D.A.I composed