The "Remove Inaccurate Data" (RID) Squad
Help me "rid" one problem at a time!!

This site is quite big, and even though I spell-check and error-check everything, there still might be some mistakes.

So if you spot ANY mistakes -- from a typo to a missing file -- please email me and let me know! As a reward, I'll post your name (and link to your website) here...and I might give you some MP3s too. ^_^

RID Squad Members
(from the Previous, "Phase 2" Layout of WAFTF)
  • Lap Tuen Yau
  • Arashi Tetsuya (AKA "Daisuke")
  • Yung Lee
  • Terrik
  • Keoki Zee
  • JWill
  • Glen
  • Jojo
  • Bren S.
  • E. Louie

  • RID Squad Members (Phase 3)

    Member #13: Min
    Pointed out a minor error in the lyrics for "10W40" (by Do As Infinity). One of the lines should've said "tayorenai".

    Member #11: BlackMage [ visit his website ]
    Pointed out 3 mistakes (in stanzas 3, 5, and 7) in the romaji for "Tokyo Biyori". This is a Tomiko Van song.

    Member #12: E. Louie
    Told me I posted the wrong URL for "Feelin' the Light"s (Do As Infinity) lyrics.

    Member #13: HeartlessCloud [ visit his website ]
    Told me I posted the wrong URL for "Namonaki Kakumei"s lyrics.

    Member #14: Bren S.
    I made mistakes in the Song Notes area for "Tooku Made" and "Buranko" (Do As Infinity).
    • In "Feelin' The Light" (Do As Infinity), I accidentally wrote "instant" as "mstant".
    • I fixed a broken link ("Shojo") on the Van's Lyrics Index page.
    • In "Mosaic" (Tomiko Van), I accidentally wrote "dakedo" as "dDkedo".

    Member #15: Weick [ visit his website ]
    Pointed out some broken/incorrect links in Do As Infinity's "News" section.