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Welcome to We are For the Future's Ryo Owatari site! Here you will find translated lyrics, interactive discographies, and plenty of information. (^^) This site is dedicated to ALL of Ryo's projects: his solo projects (including Missile Innovation, a band he created), and his former band called "pee-ka-boo".

I'm a fan of Ryo's, but I don't claim to know everything about him -- and I do occasionally make mistakes. So if you see any mistakes, or you want to contribute information, feel free to email me.

Take a look around, and enjoy your visit! =D



I've updated a LOT on the site. It'd probably be best if you just clicked all the menu links, and see what you can find. But feel free to read the News section, and get a HUGE surprise. :P

There might be a new CD released. Check the "News" section for more information.

I reuploaded all missing pee-ka-boo CDs, as well as Ryo's clip from the InuYasha movie. To see them, check the "Downloads" and "Other Performances".

Also, the lyrics to "Love me darling" and "Tokyo Purin ga 10(juu)-shuu-nen" have finally been translated. :)

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