Ryo Owatari/Missile Innovation/pee-ka-boo
Older Updates

I finally have pee-ka-boo's last single, "GARASU (Glass) no Taiyou". This single is now available for download...and its lyrics have been translated too!

I also posted the translations for 3 collaborations: "Smile" (by Daishi Kataoka), "Yoake" (by Yeux.), and "COME ON, NOW!" (by NORTHERN BRIGHT).

I added the lyrics to "Koe", a collaboration with Londonboots. ^^

I revised all the lyrics listed in the previous update. =)

I replaced the WMA/ZIP file for "Yoake" (by Yuex.).

The file I got from iTunes messed up, so I had to re-rip the song from my CD. T_T

Sometime next week, the following lyrics will be updated for mistakes:

• Akai SUIITO PII (Sweet Pea)
• Missile Innovation
• Moroheiya DANDII (Dandy)
• Odoro yo HANII (Honey)
• Shout!!!
• Suna no Oshiro