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  1. (ma-#1) Missile Innovation (self-titled album)
  2. (#1) Be a man

(Mini-Album #2)

CD cover
+Produced by: Missile Innovation (self-produced album)
+Catalogue #: MI-003
+Release Date: December 17, 2009

+More Info:
This is their second album, which they self-produced since they were (probably) dropped from avex's label. (If you want to read more about this situation, please check out their updated profile on the site.) I'm also not sure if there's an "MI-001" or "MI-002" CD. o_O

Anyway, Missile Innovation still performed at small venues (despite their hiatus from avex), and this album was ONLY sold at those live performances. Coolest of all, each CD is autographed by Ryo. Unfortunately, it's now out of print, so you'll have to search for it at an auction site or thrift store. But in the meantime, you can download the album (and all of its scans) from the Downloads section! =D

So, what are my thoughts on the album? Well...I'm pretty sure the title was inspired by "Honjitsu wa Seiten Nari" (which was written by Ryo), because there's in line in it that goes "stand up for your life". :P

The album is also really short: most of the songs are about 3 minutes long. That said, the album is a pretty quick listen, and the songs grow on you overtime. I didn't like them at first...but once I "understood" some of the more complex rhythms, I liked the songs. I just wish the album were longer. =(

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Missile Innovation
(Mini-Album #1; Self-titled)

CD cover
+Produced by: tearbridge records (part of avex trax)
+Catalogue #: NFCD-10005
+Release Date: July 27, 2005

+More Info:
This is Missile Innovation's first (mini-)album! And man, do they love themselves. (xD) The group, this album, and a song on this album all share the same name. But the good thing is, all three "Missile Innovation"s are really, really good. ^^

The album also features an incredible rock cover of "Manic Monday", an '80s pop song originally by The Bangles. (By the way: Prince, the creator of the song, also did a self-cover. You can learn more -- and download all the versions [including Missile Innovation's] -- on The Highest Form of Flattery page.)

Speaking of self-covers, this album also includes a self-cover of "Azayaka na Hana". Rumor has it, Ryo originally wrote this song for Missile Innovation, but Do As Infinity put it on their "Gates of Heaven" album and made it famous. (^_^) You can also download both versions of this song on the Downloads page.

Overall, this album is wonderful, but it didn't get the attention it deserved. And that's probably because Do As Infinity, and all of their solo projects (Van's solo career, Missile Innovation and Amasia Landscape, respectively) each released a CD the same day this mini-album was released:

  1. TAO (Do As Infinity's last CD single, before their 2005 breakup)
  2. Missile Innovation (self-titled CD; mini-album)
  3. Goldenvine (Amasia Landscape mini-album)
  4. "Slow Dance" OST (features Van's solo song, "Hold me...". Also has a song by Akico, the lead vocalist for Amasia Landscape: "Don't You Wanna")
The last 3 CDs didn't sell very well, probably because "TAO" overshadowed them.

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Be a man
(Full-Length Album #1)

CD cover
+Produced by: tearbridge records (part of avex trax)
+Catalogue #: NFCD-27020
+Release Date: July 5, 2006

+More Info:
This is Missile Innovation's first full-length album, and it was released almost one year after their previous album. All in all, the songs on this album are very good (I especially love "SUPABADD"...and "777" -- the lyrics to "777" are hilarious/sad, plus I think it's cute that this track is #7 on the album). I'll admit that the title track, "Be a man", is reeeeeeaallly repetitive, but it's still kinda nice.

Most of the lyrics have a playful -- yet serious -- tone to them...and some of the lyrics are a bit...sexual in nature. Sure, Ryo uses a lot of euphemisms, but you still know what he's implying. (xD) It's definitely a shock considering his Do As Infinity lyrics, but hey -- at least the songs are catchy. ^^;

I highly recommend this album to everyone. (^^) You're bound to love at least one track on here; the album deals with so many different styles (musically and lyrically speaking).

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