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Collaborations are special songs that usually are done with another artist. They usually aren't available on Missile Innovation's CDs, either. I've listed all of their collaborations below, in chronological order. New collaborations are always displayed on the first page.

Sometimes the entire band will collaborate with an artist; other times, only 1-2 members will do a collaboration. As a result, I've used bold red to indicate who did which collaboration.

There are two ways you can sample the songs:

1) HTML: This is the original way I had it set up, where you'll have to manually download and listen to each file. Also, if you hover over the links, you'll see the kanji title of each song.

2) Flash Player (and Hear all collabs): This flash player will let you listen to each sample in REAL TIME. (^^) Occasionally you can choose between different playlists (especially if the CD is a remake/tribute to another artist's work).

Here's a quick summary of how the flash player works (image opens in a new window)

Click on the 'Lyrics' icon to access the lyrics. ALL lyrics will open in ONE popup (i.e.: all of the lyrics share the same popup). This way, you won't have a TON of popups open. Besides, you can't read two lyrics at the same time, right? (^^) But if you want to open the lyrics in more than one window, feel free to right-click the links and choose "Open in New Window".

Lastly, to make the pages load faster, the collaborations have been split into several pages (hence why I alternated/color-coded the links).

regular text (no link) = song not available yet

  1. Misaki
  3. Koe
  4. Boku no Heya ni Oide
  5. flower garden
  6. COME ON, NOW!!
  7. El Dorado
  8. Smile
  9. Misao
  11. Sakuranbo ~Studio Live Version~
  12. OVER DRIVE [and "Love me darling"]
  13. U-BOOTO (U-Boat)
  14. BLOOD on FIRE [Live Version]
  15. DRAGON FIRE [Live and "Original" Versions]
  1. HARERUYA (Hallelujah) [Live Version]
  2. Tokyo Purin ga 10(juu)-shuu-nen
  4. Yoake

Ryo by himself

CD cover
(CD Single - 3 tracks)

+Produced by: DefSTAR Records
+Catalogue #: #FCL-1061
+Release Date: February 14, 2002

+More Info:
I don't know too much about NORTHERN BRIGHT, but based on their official website, they seem to be an actual group (and not just a one-time "special project"). I have no clue why this song was released on Valentine's Day (it doesn't seem romantic), and I don't know why they collaborated with so many artists on this CD (maybe it was for charity?), but I'm trying my best to find out. "COME ON, NOW!", part of the chorus (naer the end) is done by a HUGE "choir" that consists of the following people:

    Person (and the group they're from)
  1. DONDON (from Husking Bee)
  2. Ikuko Harada (from Clammbon)
  3. hidaka (from BEAT CRUSADERS)
  5. ISSON (from Husking Bee)
  6. Jason Malcolm Brown (from harmoniums)
  7. LEONA (from Husking Bee)
  8. Megumi Mashiro (from Hicksville)
  9. Nao Matsuzaki
  10. Reiji Okii (from CYMBALS)
  11. Rui Momoto (from GIRAFFE)
  12. Ryo Owatari (from Do As Infinity & Missile Innovation)
  14. Ryan Erik Williams (from harmoniums)
  15. SANO (from LO-LITE)
  17. Takayoshi Shirakawa (from BACK DROP BOMB)
  18. Keiichi Sokabe
  19. Asako Toki
  20. TOSHI-LOW (from BRAHMAN)
  22. Jun Yoshimura (from WINO)

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7) El Dorado
Ryo by himself (with Tomiko Van)

CD cover
(Album - 10 tracks)

+Produced by: Cutting Edge
+Catalogue #: CTCR-1803
+Release Date: March 27, 2002

+More Info:
First, let me apologize for the scary/creepy cover. (xD) Yes, that IS a picture of a butt. And it WAS slapped. VERY HARD. o_O

Second, not too much is known about atami. I'm not even sure if "atami" is a group, or one person. I do like their music though; it's unique. (^^) "El Dorado" (despite it's BAD "Engrish") is pretty nice overall.

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8) Smile
Ryo by himself

CD cover
under the fragrant olive
(Album - 9 tracks)

+Produced by: Aozora Records
+Catalogue #: ZORA-104
+Release Date: July 17, 2002

+More Info:
I don't know too much about this CD (or the artist, Daishi Kataoka), but I do know that Hitomi Yaida is on Aozora Records as well (in fact, Daishi was once a member of her backup band, Diamond Head). I also know that Ryo plays the guitar in this song.

And obviously, the CD cover is...quite interesting. And the song starts out the same way (there's some unique harmonizing going on in the beginning), but a few seconds later you'll hear the rest of the song -- which has a nice jazz/rock feel to it. (^^) Best of all, the song is mostly acoustic, so you get to hear Ryo throughout the entire song.

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Ryo by himself

CD cover
under the fragrant olive
(Album - 9 tracks)

+Produced by: Aozora Records
+Catalogue #: ZORA-104
+Release Date: July 17, 2002

+More Info:
This song isn't quite as unique as "Smile", but it's still pretty nice. (^^) It has a nice, folksy sound to it, and it's VERY guitar driven (so you can hear Ryo's guitar VERY well ;).

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Ryo by himself (with Dai Nagao)

CD cover
(CD Single - 3 tracks)

+Produced by: avex trax
+Catalogue #: AVCD-30475
+Release Date: June 11, 2003

+More Info:
This song was featured on the "Viewtiful Joe" soundtrack, and Ryo played guitar in it. "Viewtiful Joe" is a popular video game created by Capcom. It's a very creative game. (^^) Anyway...the song "VIEWTIFUL WORLD" was performed by a group. This group was made up of several famous musicians:

  • Rap: KEN (from the group, "DA PUMP")
  • Lead Vocals: SOTARO (from the group, "ZZ")
  • Chorus: Ayako Furuichi (from the group, "03")
This song is also featured in the "D.A.I. Other Works" section, because Dai Nagao also played guitar in the song. Dai also worked with another member of DA PUMP (whose name is "ISSA"), and he's also featured in "D.A.I.'s Other Works". =)

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