Links (Lyrics and Donations)

This is where I thank all the people and websites that helped me with lyrics, and locating some hard-to-find files. (^^) I hope you visit all the links!

Official & Fan Sites - Site Construction/Help - Lyrics and Donations

Donations (Scans, CDs, MP3s, etc.)

Fukumoto-san : Thanks to this nice man, I was able to get pee-ka-boo's merchandise (including some magazine scans, which I'll post later on). I owe you so much more than money; thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

jOhN.C o_0!'s Missile Innovation Page : Sadly, his site doesn't exist anymore; it was a MySpace page dedicated to Missile Innovation. (;_;) John was also kind enough to give me scans (and the MP3 for "Akai Sweet Pea") from Missile Innovation's self-titled album. This site wouldn't have had a proper start without John, so I'm forever grateful to him.

Asian Pop (website) : Sadly, this site doesn't exist anymore. But it had a HUGE collection of music, and was run by one of the DAIForum members. (Yahiko, I think?) Anyway...I got some high-quality scans from here as well. =)

jan_koller and *TangerineRaven* : Thanks to these two wonderful people (who are also members of DAIForum), I got scans for the "Be a man" album. (^^) Thanks again for the help!!

Dawn, Wilma, iTunes, and Kiwi Musume : These 3 ladies helped me get the rest of the collaborations on this site. (^^) It was REALLY hard trying to track some of them down, so I REALLY appreciate all the help they gave me.

iserial: AAA's Downloadable Discography : This site gave me every AAA song I posted here. (^^) The entire site is actually an "interactive" discography where you can download and sample all of AAA's CDs! I highly suggest you head over there if you like what you heard on this site. =)

Translations / Romaji

Xcomp : He's translated something for EVERY SITE HERE...although he used another alias at the time. See if you can guess what his old name was. ^___^

If I thanked him a million times, it wouldn't come close to how I really feel about him. This site would be nothing without him, and I'm truly grateful and blessed that he's helped me so much. I really hope we'll team up again in the future!

Salinde : She's typed the kanji for several Missile Innovation songs, but more importantly, she's translated (and romanized) ALL of pee-ka-boo's songs! (^^) I really owe you, Salinde! Thank you!!

Tangerine Dreamer: I gave Tangerine Dreamer a nickname -- "Dreamer" -- to distinguish her from *TangerineRaven*, another female translator on the site. (^^) Anyway...Dreamer is responsible for the beautiful "Suna no Oshiro" translation. Thanks again for the wonderful lyrics, and I hope you'll do more translations in the future! (^^) By the way, please check out her website -- she's a fantastic photographer. *O*

quartet4 : He's translated a lot of the Collaboration songs. (^^) And when he's not helping me out, he runs his own translation site. He's really really good at what he does. (^__^) I'm extremely honored to have him be a part of my team.

Corichan : Corichan (or "Cori" for short) is famous for romanizing Japanese lyrics. In fact, her site is the #1 place to go for romanizations. She's been a HUGE help to a lot of artists on this site, especially Do As Infinity. You can also request romaji lyrics from her!

Mikotokun : This nice man helped me romanize "Odoro yo Honey" and "Akai Sweet Pea". (^^) His lyric site is still pretty new, but I'm sure it'll grow in time. So be sure to keep watching his site! =)

Megchan & Kiwi Musume : These two talented (and famous!) translators did a few translations (and romaji!) for me. They also revised several other lyrics on this site. (^^) So thanks to them, ALL the translations on this site are pretty accurate. & Himi's Prism Theater : These sites helped me find the correct romanization of "Tatsuhiko Fuyuno" (an arranger in Yuex.'s song, "Yoake"), and "Tetsuro Asoh" (a lyricist in NORTHERN BIRGHT's song, "COME ON, NOW!"). ^^

The first site is, which is a HUGE database of music releases. It lists the release date, composers, arrangers, etc. for a wide list of (mostly English-speaking) artists.

The second site, which is owned by Himi Izutsu, is a HUGE enecylopedia of lyricists, composers, arrangers. I've used this site for years, and it's very helpful when searching for hard-to-find names. :) (Japanese -> Romaji Converter) : I usually romanize lyrics by myself, but sometimes I feel tired (or lazy). And that's when I go to (^^) This nifty little site converts Japanese kanji into romaji!

To use the site, first you choose how you want the kanji to be formatted (I use the "separate text blobs" option, so the paragraphs/stanzas won't get broken into separate lines.) Then after you hit the "Click To Set" button, just paste your kanji lyrics and hit the "Convert" button.

Unfortunately, the converter does have a few flaws: it sometimes romanizes words incorrectly (ex: 君 is converted as "kun" instead of "kimi"). And it usually won't separate participles (ni, ga, de...) from regular words, especially if the word is written in hiragana instead of kanji (ex: ひとつで becomes "hitotsude", but 一つで is read as "hitotsu de").

But hey, if you just want romaji to sing to, this site is perfect. And if you know some Japanese (and have the actual song/MP3), you can easily clean the lyrics up yourself. ^^

Kanji/Other Lyrics

English Lyric Donations : There are several English songs on this site, some of which were covered by Missile Innovation. I got the lyrics for these songs from the following people and sites --

EienDAIfan5d9 : He graciously typed the kanji lyrics for "Here we go!" and "Shout!!!". (^^) Thanks again, Eien -- you've made my job a LOT easier.

Barret & AK Hikaru ( : This is an EXCELLENT site for anime lyrics, but I mostly go to the forums and ask for help when I type kanji lyrics. (^^) I really needed help with MI's lyrics (Ryo sings really fast, and he slurs... >_<), and these two gentlemen were very help.

The people at Animelyrics are really nice, but they CAN be evil if you do something stupid. You should definitely read the rules...and know that begging for translations and MP3s is NOT allowed.

...By the way, the site was called "", but they changed their URL to AnimeLyrics.TV -- please update all your bookmarks, and spread the word!!!

JH3RBK's Lyric Site : I'll call them "J" for short. (^^;) I got the lyrics for "Akai Sweet Pea" here. J has a LOT of other lyrics too -- so don't let the simplistic layout fool you. I definitely recommend you visit this site!!

Zen-on Music Company : This site was very helpful with "Akai Sweet Pea", too. (^^) It listed the composer's name (Karuho Kureta), and it was hard trying to figure that out!!

Wikipedia Japan : This site has been VERY helpful. And thanks to its Seiko Matsuda page, I learned who the arranger of "Akai Sweet Pea" is. =)

UtaMap : This Japanese site has a HUGE archive of lyrics! Unfortunately, they're in Flash format (so they're basically like lyric scans). BUT...they do type the first line of each song. So I usually copy that line, paste it into Google Japan, and try to find typed, FULL lyrics. =) Lyrics : This site has been VERY helpful to me before (I've gotten a lot of other lyrics from here, especially in "D.A.I.'s Other Works" section), and they've helped me yet again. ^^

AAA's song, "Hallelujah", has a LOT of rap in it...but no one listed them in their lyrics. That was a MAJOR problem, since nearly half of the song was rapped. Thankfully (when I searched for part of the rap lyrics by ear), I stumbled onto one of Evesta's pages. You have no clue how happy that made me, especially since I've had similar problems with SE7EN (although I'm STILL missing the rap lyrics to his song "what u want").