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Have you ever wanted to know all the musicians, background singers and executive producers for each CD? Or maybe you wanted to know who the photographers, remixers, and other staff members are? Well then, this section is for you!! Here's where you can view the credits page from the official CD booklets. (^^) Just click on the links to get a larger picture (note: Most of the files are big, so I suggest you right-click and save them to your computer. Otherwise, your computer might go reeeaally slow trying to load the files).

pee-ka-boo's CDs are also on this page; they're listed in teal.

Also, if you can donate any of the missing credits (which are written in strikethrough), please email me!

Albums - CD Singles - Other Songs (Collabs, etc.)

01. Mini-Album/Promotional CD - no credits listed. See their first 3 singles instead.

01. Missile Innovation (self-titled album) - donated by jOhN.C o_0!.
02. Be a man - donated by *TangerineRaven*.

01. Kill Me - donated by Oasis Heart3.
02. Voice in Blue - no credits listed.
03. GARASU (Glass) no Taiyou
04. over line - no credits listed.

01. Odoro yo HANII (Honey) - donated by ???.
02. Here we go! - donated by ???.

[ OTHER SONGS (Collabs, etc.) ]
      »Other Songs:
01. Traveling Riverside Blues
02. Cross Road Blues
03. Crossroads
04. Badge

      »Remakes/Covers (Original Credits):
01. Azayaka na Hana
02. Manic Monday
03. Akai Sweet Pea

01. Misaki - donated by Oasis Heart3.
02. HEY! SLOT MACHINE - donated by Oasis Heart3.
03. Koe - donated by Oasis Heart3.
04. Boku no Heya ni Oide - donated by Oasis Heart3.
05. flower garden
06. COME ON, NOW!! - donated by Oasis Heart3.
07. El Dorado
08. Smile / page 2 - donated by Oasis Heart3.
09. Misao / page 2 - donated by Oasis Heart3.
11. Sakuranbo ~Studio Live Version~ / original version - donated by ???. [1]
12. OVER DRIVE - donated by Oasis Heart3.
13. love me darling [!!]
14. U-Boat
15. BLOOD on FIRE [1]
16. Friday Party [1]
18. Hallelujah [1]
19. Tokyo Purin ga 10(juu)-shuu-nen / page 2 - donated by Oasis Heart3.
21. Yoake - donated by Oasis Heart3.

[!!] = Missile Innovation had NOTHING to do with this song. It was either a special "remake" of another song, or it was featured in "The Highest Form of Flattery" section.

[1] = Missile Innovation only worked on the live/concert version of these songs (but I also posted the original CD credits).