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Because of Ryo, Yoshiyasu, and Hisayoshi's many talents, they've been given many opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities allow them to branch off into other fields, such as acting. ^_^

But usually, these opportunities allow them to perform with other musicians, from a wide variety of backgrounds. One day they might be the backup/supporting musicians for a pop band, and the next day they're performing with a legendary blues singer.

This page will focus on their acting careers, as well as their LIVE (i.e.: backup/supporting) PERFORMANCES.

Please note that they've also collaborated ON CDs with other artists -- and these performances will be featured on the "Collaborations" page.

I know this page is small right now...but I'm sure in time, they'll have more performances. So please keep a close eye on this page. (^^) And feel free to contribute something to this site -- if you have any information, video clips, pictures, or audio to donate, please email me! I'll give you full credit for your contribution. ^^

Supporting Live Roles
»AAA (Missile Innovation)
»Yoshihiro Kai (Ryo)
»Takumi Ishida (the twins, Yoshiyasu and Hisayoshi)

Acting Role #1: InuYasha
Village Lookout (InuYasha Movie #4)
»Ryo provided the voice of the village lookout
»More Information: Official Japanese Site | Official US Site | Brief Synopsis | In-Depth Synopsis

Ryo had a cameo role in the 4th InuYasha movie, "Guren no Horai-jima" (translation: "Crimson Horai Island"). The movie was released in 2004. And in 2006, it was dubbed in English and released as "Fire on the Mystic Island".

Sadly, his role was very short -- it was less than 10 seconds long. But...if it weren't for the village lookout, the rest of the village would've never know there was a threat. So technically, Ryo had a major role in the film. ^_~

Van also had a role in the film (her part was larger)...and you can learn more on her "Acting Career" page. ;)

Download here   (7 seconds - AVI format, 312 KB)

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Supporting Live Role #1: AAA
Missile Innovation & AAA
»All 3 members of Missile Innovation
»More Information: Official Website | Their Wikipedia Page | Kagayakitai (fan site)

Yes there's a car insurance company called "AAA", but that's not who Missile Innovation collaborated with. xD

This "AAA" is a mega-JPop group, with 7 members (there was an 8th member, Yukari Goto, but she left due to health problems). Their name stands for "Attack All Around", which is essentially what they do: they sing, dance, act, rap, etc...and they'll "attack" anything else they set their minds to. ^_^

On December 7, 2005 they released their 4th single, "DRAGON FIRE". Missile Innovation did not create the song at ALL (as evidenced by this Japanese page), but for some reason they're in the PV/music video, pretending to "play" the instruments. xD

A year later, Missile Innovation actually DID perform with AAA at their first live concert, called "1st ATTACK". This concert took place at Shibuya-AX, sometime in 2006. Missile Innovation also performed at AAA's "2nd ATTACK" (Zepp Tokyo; June 29, 2006) and "3rd ATTACK" (Budokan; September 13, 2006) concerts.

One more thing: Several of the live songs were turned into MP3s, and placed on CDs. These songs are featured on the "Collaborations" page of the site.

Lastly, as an added convenience, I've posted the lyrics to these songs as well. (Whether that's a good thing is entirely up to you. ^_^;) Also, lyrics marked in red will take you to another website.

[BGM: "Hi no Ataru Sakamichi" by Do As Infinity]

-VIDEO CLIPS (Download)-
DRAGON FIRE (PV)   [ lyrics ]

-1st ATTACK (Live)-
BLOOD on FIRE   [ lyrics ]
Friday Party   [ lyrics ]

-2nd ATTACK (Live)-
Kirei na Sora [Live; 2nd ATTACK]   [ romaji only ]

-3rd ATTACK (Live)-
Kimono Jet Girl [Live; 3rd ATTACK]   [ lyrics ]

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Supporting Live Role #2: Yoshihiro Kai
Yoshihiro Kai & Ryo Owatari
(click here for a larger version of both images together. Click each individual image for a larger view of that image.)

»Ryo Owatari by himself
»More Information: Yoshihiro Kai's Official Website | Ringo Shiina's Official Website

First off, big thanks to Yahiko @ DAIForum for telling me about this!!

Yoshihiro Kai is a legendary Japanese rocker (whose music is more "mellow/folk rock", like Bruce Springsteen or Bob Dylan). Somehow, Ryo was part of his support band in 2008...and one of the songs they performed was a blues/rock version of "Kabuki-chou no Joou". This song was originally by Ringo Shiina, a famous J-Rocker, and it's one of her biggest hits.

Ryo and Yoshihiro's version is quite...unique (and that's ignoring the fact that the song is about a girl becoming a "queen"). The music is pretty cool, but Yoshihiro's vocals are a bit off. His voice usually sounds better than this, so I'm guessing he did this song near the end of his performance. At least, I hope that's what happened. ^^;

For your listening/viewing pleasure, I've posted the remake AND the original song below. And I've also included the lyrics (which are hosted on another site) for your convenience. =D

Kabuki-chou no Joou [Yoshihiro Kai x Ryo Owatari]
Kabuki-chou no Joou [Original Version - Ringo Shiina]
( read the lyrics )

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