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Since pee-ka-boo only released a handful of CDs, I've combined their albums AND singles onto one page. (^_^) All CD Singles are written in purple (which means the remaining CD is an album. =). And, since their CDs are rare/out-of-print, you can download pee-ka-boo's CDs in the Downloads section.

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5 CDs
regular text (no link) = song not available yet

  1. Mini-Album/Promotional CD
  2. Kill Me
  3. Voice in Blue
  4. GARASU (Glass) no Taiyou
  5. over line

Mini-Album/Promotional CD

CD cover
+Produced by: BAiDiS/Teichiku Records Company
+Catalogue #: M/CD 80602
+Release Date: 1998

+More Info:
This rare promotional CD contains half of pee-ka-boo's songs -- and it also both songs from their 3rd CDS, "GARASU (Glass) no Taiyou". This was really convenient for me, since I don't own the 3rd CDS yet: it meant that I FINALLY had the chance to hear "GARASU (Glass) no Taiyou" and its bonus track, "Love Maze". ^_^

Unfortunately, I wasn't too impressed with either track...although both tracks sound REALLY good when you speed the song up, and make KO-ZI sound like a chipmunk. xD

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Kill Me
(Indies CD Single #1)

CD cover (front) CD cover (back)
+Produced by: BAiDiS/Teichiku Records Company
+Catalogue #: TECN-10379
+Release Date: January 21, 1998

+More Info:
This is pee-ka-boo's debut CD single.

Unlike their next three singles, this CD starts with TECN. The remaining CDs start with TEDN. All 4 singles were released on the same record label, but (based on magazine articles I've found), "Kill Me" is called their "debut single", and "Voice in Blue" is called their "first single" (and NOT their "second single"). It's really, really bizarre...

Anyway, let's go on to a review of the actual songs. ^^;

The title track, "Kill Me", is somewhat bland, and KO-ZI's vocals are a bit rough. But the song does grow on you overtime. (^^) As for the second track, "Distance"...I love it! The rhythm is really nice, and KO-ZI's vocals are MUCH better.

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Voice in Blue
(CD Single #2)

CD cover (front) CD cover (back)
+Produced by: BAiDiS/Teichiku Records Company
+Catalogue #: TEDN-303
+Release Date: May 21, 1998

+More Info:
This single, released EXACTLY 4 months after "Kill Me", is pee-ka-boo's first major release CDS. As a result, the CD has a different catalogue number (TEDN instead of TECN). And, the title track ("Voice in Blue") was used as a commercialized song. ^^

The quality of this CDS is better than "Kill Me" as well. The lyrics are really good, and the music is catchy (and a bit more complex) as well. Coolest of all, the lyrics seem to tell a story: the first track presents a situation, and the second track is the "conclusion".

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GARASU (Glass) no Taiyou
(CD Single #3)

CD cover (front) CD cover (back)
+Produced by: BAiDiS/Teichiku Records Company
+Catalogue #: TEDN-311
+Release Date: July 23, 1998

+More Info:
I finally managed to find this single! But unfortunately, my scanner is acting weird: this single is actually orange, but everything turned pink. (o_O) Another unfortunate thing (which has NOTHING to do with me) is that Ryo and KO-ZI's hair looks awful. It's like they got into a fight with a pair of clippers...and Ryo took most of the damage. (xD) But anyway...

Months before I found this single, I already had the main tracks (thanks to their Promotional CD). That said, I've listened to "GARASU (Glass) no Taiyou" and its bonus song, "Love Maze"...and I didn't really like what I heard. Basically, the music (and singing) wasn't spectacular. However...I like the songs a lot more now, because of the lyrics. ^^

Thankfully, their next (and unfortunately, last) single is MUCH better.

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over line
(CD Single #4)

CD cover (front) CD cover (back)
+Produced by: BAiDiS/Teichiku Records Company
+Catalogue #: TEDN-316
+Release Date: September 23, 1998

+More Info:
This is pee-ka-boo's last CDS, and it's also my favorite. (^^) BOTH tracks are awesome (plus, Ryo composed the music for "cloudy heart"!), and the CD covers are cool, especially the back cover! KO-ZI (and one of the twins) look really cute on the back cover....but unfortunately, Ryo (and the other twin) look crazy. xD

pee-ka-boo's music seemed to be getting better, so it's a real shame they didn't release anymore music. But at least Ryo got a second chance with Do As Infinity. Speaking of which...there's a bit of irony with this CDS: "over line" was released almost EXACTLY one year before "Tangerine Dream" (which was released September 29, 1999).

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