Ryo Owatari
Ryo Owatari

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     On September 29, 2005 -- exactly 6 years after Do As Infinity formed -- the band split up.
     But that's not the end of the story...

When Do As Infinity broke up, Dai Nagao and Tomiko Van took their solo projects in a new direction. None of their music was similar to Do As Infinity's. They wanted to create a new chapter in their lives. Did Ryo do the same?

...HECK NO. Ryo was, and always will be, a rocker.

In case you don't know who Ryo Owatari is, here's a little more info:

  • Name: Ryo Owatari (大渡  亮)
  • Birthday: April 4, 1972
  • Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Height: 180cm (5'11")
    Other Facts
  1. He's married (his wife is an "OL", which is an "office lady/secretary"). They also have at least one child together.
Ryo is best known as the guitarist, main backup singer, and one of the main lyricists for Do As Infinity. But he's also a member of two other bands (pee-ka-boo, and Missile Innovation), which you can learn more about in their individual sections on this site.

...But here's a brief overview. :)

Before Ryo joined Do As Infinity, he was a member of a rock band called pee-ka-boo. And during Do As Infinity's hiatus in 2003 (from June to December), Ryo formed a new band with 2 former members of pee-ka-boo (who are also twin brothers). That new band is called "Missile Innovation" (ミサイルイノベーション, or "MI" for short). One of the songs Ryo created for Missile Innovation was "Azayaka na Hana", which he later gave to Do As Infinity for their "Gates of Heaven" album. Later on, MI did a self-cover of the song, with a different arrangement and more of a rock sound.

Missile Innovation was a way for Ryo to really take creative control, which is something he couldn't really do in pee-ka-boo OR Do As Infinity. In Missile Innovation, Ryo takes lead vocals. He actually has a nice voice (which you might find surprising if you've only heard "Tsurezure Naru Mama ni", a Do As Infinity song)...and a lot of his songs are full of energy. Go visit their Discography and sample their songs if you don't believe me. ^_~

In MI, Ryo sings, plays an instrument, AND he still writes lyrics. The man's got SKILLS. And oddly enough, the word "Ryo" can (technically) mean "skills". 良 ["good, fine"] can be read as "ryou", "ii", or "yo". And 良く ["yoku"] means "skillfully" =).

But the correct way to write his first name is 亮, and that doesn't mean "skills".

亮 means "clear" or "obvious" [when written as 亮然 - "ryouzen"]...which is REALLY ironic. xD

When he wrote lyrics for Do As Infinity, there was a 50% chance they'd be random and crazy extremely abstract. ("Fanny of the May showers" and "Lemon-colored wind", anyone? xD) However, I'm happy to report that with Missile Innovation, ALL of his lyrics make sense...so they actually are "clear" and "obvious". In fact they might be TOO obvious, because some of the subject matter is...for adults only. ^^;

Despite the edgy lyrics, I highly recommend ALL Do As Infinity fans listen to their songs. When Do As Infinity broke up in 2005, Missile Innovation really made me feel better: they had a similar sound, but they were also different. So, they made me remember what I loved about Do As Infinity...but they also weren't a "cheap rip-off" of the band.

I really appreciate MI's music, and I wish it sold better than it did. But hopefully they'll keep releasing music, despite Do As Infinity's reunion. And maybe this time, it'll sell better. (^_^) So feel free to explore this site, and give their music a try.

I hope you become a Missile Innovation fan! =D