Profile (pee-ka-boo & Missile Innovation)

Since this website is dedicated to Ryo, it's important to mention all of his projects, and all of the bands he's worked with as well. (^_^) Everyone should know that he's part of Do As Infinity, but you might not know about Missile Innovation...or pee-ka-boo, which was his band that existed before Missile Innovation AND Do As Infinity.

BAND #1: pee-ka-boo
Left to right: Oto-to, KO-ZI, Ryo, Anny

In 1998, one year before Do As Infinity formed, Ryo was part of a band called "pee-ka-boo" (pkb). There were four official members (and at least four "unofficial"/support members):

    Official Members of pee-ka-boo
  1. 島村   公二 (Kouji Shimamura) - vocalist; main composer; called "KO-ZI"; Birthdate: September 17, 1972
  2. 大渡  亮 (Ryo Owatari) - guitarist; composer; called "Ryo"; Birthdate: April 4, 1972
  3. 林 由恭 (Yoshiyasu Hayashi) - bassist; called "Oto-to" (nickname for "ototo" ["younger brother"]); Birthdate: December 3, 1975
  4. 林 久悦 (Hisayoshi Hayashi) - drummer; called "A-nny" (nickname for "aniki" ["older brother"]); Birthdate: December 3, 1975
    Other "Members" of pee-ka-boo
  1. 村田 昭 (Akira Murata) - played keyboard
  2. 西川 進 (Susumu Nishikawa) - song arrangement (you can visit his official site here)
  3. 小林   孝至 (Takashi Kobayashi) - main lyricist
  4. 小林   晋治 (Shinji Kobayashi) - composer
  5. ...My guess is that Takashi & Shinji are brothers, but I'm not really sure.

Anyway...Takashi wrote most of the lyrics (and Shinji & KO-ZI composed most of the music). But sometimes Ryo would write the music, and KO-ZI would write the lyrics. Usually when KO-ZI wrote something, he used his full name: "Kouji Shimamura". (^^) The four main members of pee-ka-boo would arrange the music together, under the acronym "pkb".

Sadly, the band didn't last too long. They only released 4 singles (which are REALLY hard to find), and a promotion "album" (which is ever HARDER to find), and they were ALL released in 1998. So presumably, the band only stayed together for a year. Whether they broke up due to "creative differences", or issues with their record one knows. =(

Thankfully, a year later Ryo joined Do As Infinity, and he gained the fame he deserved. (^_^) He also earned more opportunities because of his new-found fame...

BAND #2: Missile Innovation
**UPDATED April 1, 2011**
Missile Innovation
Left to right: Hisayoshi, Ryo, Yoshiyasu

...One opportunity Ryo earned was the chance to create his own band. ^_^

For reasons unknown, Do As Infinity went on a long hiatus in 2003 (it lasted from June to December). They did a few live concerts, but no CDs were released for nearly a year. The hiatus was terrible for Do As Infinity fans, but it did provide some good benefits: Van got a well-needed vacation (and she supposedly traveled all over the world!). The other two members (Ryo Owatari and Dai Nagao) didn't take a vacation. Instead, they used the hiatus to create their own musical groups. Dai created "Amasia Landscape", and Ryo created "Missile Innovation".

One really cool thing about Missile Innovation is that it's technically the reincarnation of "pee-ka-boo". The main members of Missile Innovation are Ryo and the twins (Yoshiyasu and Hisayoshi), and Akira Murata stills plays keyboard for them!!

There are also quite a few differences between this band and pee-ka-boo. First of all, Missile Innovation covers a wider variety of genres and sounds (and lyrical subjects), which makes this band more "mature"-- and in many ways, better -- than pee-ka-boo.

Second (and sadly), not all of pee-ka-boo's members are in the new band. For instance, Kouji isn't part of the new band...but it's probably because he's already in a band (called "THE BARFLYZ"). Susumu is still making music as well. He's even worked with Dai Nagao, and he also played guitar on Do As Infinity's "BREAK OF DAWN" hopefully Ryo will work with him again in the future.

As for Takashi and Shinji...I'm not sure what happened to them. Hopefully they're still making music, and if they are, maybe they'll work with Ryo again, too. Only time will tell. ^_^

ADDED Apr-4-2011: And unfortunately, Missile Innovation might have nothing but time on their hands now. As I'm sure you're aware, they hadn't released a new album since 2006. It would be 3 years until they released another album -- a mini-album, at that -- and it wouldn't be on avex's label.

A nice visitor (Marie) gave me the sad news:

"Hisayoshi and Yoshiyasu left the production that they were attached to. (Judging from their blogs and their words, I think they were forced to do so. Maybe Do As Infinity's reunion affected the twins' leaving.)

So, they can't release their new album from avex. And Missile Innovation is now an INDIES band.

But they decided to release their new album ("STAND UP FOR YOUR LIFE") on their own!! They made CDs and sold them at their live concerts.

Sadly to say, the album was limited its quantity. And the album was already SOLD OUT."