Tributes (The Highest Form of Flattery)

Quite often, an artist will do tribute (or "cover") songs in honor of another artist. Missile Innovation is the same...but in some ways, they are different. They didn't just cover famous songs, they completely reinvented the music and melody...and, they also "covered" an actual CD cover too! ^__^

I'll explain everything here, and I'll also include an "interactive discography" so you can hear the music. (^^) You can download ALL of these songs on the Downloads page.

There are two ways you can sample the songs:

1) HTML: This is the original way I had it set up, where you'll have to manually download and listen to each file. Also, if you hover over the links, you'll see the kanji title of each song.

2) Flash Player: This flash player will let you listen to each sample in REAL TIME. (^^) Occasionally you can choose between different playlists (especially if the CD is a remake/tribute to another artist's work).

Here's a quick summary of how the flash player works (image opens in a new window)

Click on the 'Lyrics' icon to access the lyrics. ALL lyrics will open in ONE popup (i.e.: all of the lyrics share the same popup). This way, you won't have a TON of popups open. Besides, you can't read two lyrics at the same time, right? (^^) But if you want to open the lyrics in more than one window, feel free to right-click the links and choose "Open in New Window".

Lastly, to make the pages load faster, the tributes will be split into several pages (hence why I will alternate/color-code the links).

regular text (no link) = song not available yet

  1. Manic Monday [The Bangles tribute]
  2. "Odoro yo HANII (Honey)" CD Cover [Cream tribute]
  3. Akai SUIITO PII (Sweet Pea) [Seiko Matsuda tribute]

1) Manic Monday [The Bangles tribute]

The Bangles
»L to R: Debbi Peterson, Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson, and Michael Steele

»More Information:

The Bangles' Official Site | The Bangles' Wikipedia Page | The Bangles Collective
The Complete Bangles - cached on the Internet Archive | Brief Indo on Apollonia 6

+More Info:
This song was originally done by The Bangles, an all-female '80s pop group (so yes, Michael IS female!). "Manic Monday" was originally released in 1985.

The creator of "Manic Monday" is Prince. A.K.A., "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince (Who Went Back to Calling Himself Prince)". He wrote "Manic Monday" under the pseudonym, "Christopher".

Prince originally wrote the song as a duet between him and Apollonia 6 (which was a female pop trio he formed in the '80s). They recorded the song first, but Prince decided not to release it (not until years later, anyway). Instead, it was replaced by the song, "Happy Birthday, Mr. Christian."

Later on, he was supposedly trying to date The Bangles' lead vocalist, Susanna Hoffs, and offered her "Manic Monday" as a present. Ironically, when The Bangles' version of "Manic Monday" was aired, it ranked #2 on UK and US music charts...and the #1 song was "Kiss", another Prince song (which had he performed by himself).

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2) "Odoro yo HANII (Honey)" CD Cover [Cream tribute]

»L to R: Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, and Eric Clapton

»More Information: Cream Official Site (created for 2005 reunion) | Cream Wikipedia Page | Eddy's Cream Page

+More Info:
The original CD cover was made in 1968, by famous rock band called Cream. This was their final album, which was appropriately named "Goodbye".

Cream was a mega-popular British rock band; in fact, they were dubbed a "supergroup". Oddly enough, Cream only lasted 2 years (1966 - 1968), but they were HUGE. The band consisted of 3 men: Jack Bruce (bass), Ginger Baker (drums), and....Eric Clapton (guitar/vocals)!!!!

They broke up due to creative differences, plus Jack and Ginger couldn't stand each other. Eric once said that one time in concert, he stopped playing his guitar (presumably on purpose)...but Jack and Ginger were too pissed at each other to notice!!! That's baaaaad chemistry...they might have sounded beautiful together, but fame that might end in murder is NEVER a good thing. xD

To be honest, I had never heard of Cream before, so I discovered MI's tribute by accident. (xD) While doing research on Missile Innovation, I somehow wound up at Tokyo-Nights forum, and I found some startling comments made by two people, TheSirAuron & etthesunrise; they said that Missile Innovation parodied Cream's CD cover...and they were right! See for yourself below!!:

click each image for larger version

Cream - "Goodbye" (1968)

Missile Innovation - "Odoro yo Honey" (2006)

It's kinda ironic that MI's first single parodied Cream's last album. Or maybe that was the intent. (^_~) I also think this might be an exact parody; Ryo (the lead vocalist/guitarist for MI) is in the middle, and so is Eric Clapton (the lead vocalist/guitarist for Cream).

I assume Yoshiyasu and Hisayoshi (who are the bassist and drummer for MI) are in the same spots as Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker (who are the bassist and drummer for Cream, respectfully)....but I'm not 100% sure. Yoshiyasu and Hisayoshi are hard to tell apart, so if they weren't "in the right order", I'd never know. xD

BMissile Innovation only "covered" their CD cover. But I decided to add some of Cream's music anyway. (^^) I've included 2 of their biggest hits: "Badge" (which is also on their "Goodbye" album), and "Crossroads".

And as it turns out, "Crossroads" is an homage/tribute to legendary blues artist Robert Johnson (you can learn more about him on his Wikipedia page). "Crossroads" is a mixture of TWO of his songs: "Cross Road Blues" and "Traveling Riverside Blues". So of course, I included those songs in the ZIP file as well (and of course, you can sample them, too! =)

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3) Akai SUIITO PII (Sweet Pea) [Seiko Matsuda tribute]

Seiko Matsuda (in the '80s) Seiko Matsuda (now) -- yes this IS a recent picture! o_O
»Seiko Matsuda -- in the '80s, and now.
(Yes, the last picture IS recent! o_O)

»More Information:

+More Info:
This song was originally done by Seiko Matsuda, an '80s J-Pop idol. "Akai Sweet Pea" was first released in 1982.

Simply put, Seiko Matsuda is AMAZING. She, like Madonna, is one of few '80s artists who is still around today. But to be more exact, she is literally the 1980s version of Ayumi Hamasaki; Seiko was HUGE in the '80s. Seiko had 24 "No. 1" hits. Years later that record was smashed by, you guessed it, Ayumi Hamasaki. To date, Ayumi has more than 26 "No. 1" hits.

However, Seiko still holds one record to this day. She has the record for "Most 'No 1. Consecutive Singles' by a Female". So far, only 15 of Ayumi's "No. 1" hits were consecutive, whereas ALL of Seiko's "No. 1" songs were singles, and they ALL reached No. 1, in order!!!

Seiko's Wikipedia page lists even more accomplishments: "Seiko is also on the Top 3 list of 'Most No. 1 albums', 'Most Top 10 singles' and "Most Top 10 album"s. Widely recognised as one of the most influential artists in J-pop history, HMV Japan ranked her 'No. 10 Top Japanese Artist of All Time', and 'No. 7 Top Singer of All Time'. Her unusual staying power gives her the title of 'Forever Idol'."

So why was Seiko so popular? It's simple; she has a really beautiful voice. Her voice has a unique vibrato that can't be easily duplicated, and her singing gets prettier near the end of each song. Just listen to the original version of "Akai Sweet Pea", or any of her other hits songs (one of my favorites is "Ruri-iro no Chikyuu"). ^_^

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