Links (Fan Sites)

This is where I list good SE7EN related sites you should visit!! (^^) If you want to contribute a site URL, just email me. =)

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Map of The Heart : A massive Do As Infinity library. But it also keeps track of Dai Nagao's solo works (which includes SE7EN). It's a VERY helpful site, plus it's easy to navigate; you don't have to be fluent in Japanese to go here. =)

DAIForum (Do As Infinity Forum) : The #1 forum for Do As Infinity, and all related projects (including SE7EN). Full of information, and really nice people. Highly recommended.

Se7enth Heaven (unofficial forum) : This is an English forum/fanclub dedicated to SE7EN! (^^) The forum is full of nice, fun, and smart people. Several of the members also have "connections", and have actually contacted SE7EN on occasion!! What other reasons do you need to join? ^__^

Club Se7en : This is a blog/fansite that has REALLY up-to-date information on SE7EN. They manage to find and report things faster than other sites. As a result, I highly recommend this site to all SE7EN fans.

LUZ CONTROL: A SE7EN Fanlisting : This fanlisting is named after one of SE7EN's hit songs, "Luz Control", which is a collaboration between him and two other YG Family members: Gummy and Wheesung. If you're a SE7EN fan, you definitely should visit and add your "signature" to the site!

SE7EN Heaven (LiveJournal Community) : If you have LiveJournal, you should check this community out!! It's quite informative (it even lists some "rare" facts. =), and it seems to have a friendly atmosphere.

Se7en Nation : This is a really nice, English-language site dedicated to SE7EN's Indonesian fans. (^^) It has a discography, multimedia, lots of images and lots of news. It's really great looking, and easy to navigate. (^^) I highly recommend this site to all SE7EN fans.