Links (Lyrics & Donations)

This is where I thank all the people and websites that helped me with lyrics, and locating some hard-to-find files. (^^) I hope you visit all the links!

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Donations (Scans, CDs, MP3s, etc.)

Data Nali & music_and_more : Thanks to them, I was able to get SE7EN's "Aitai" single. (^^) I really owe you guys! Thanks again!!

Ii-chan : She was kind enough to give me better quality scans of his "Ari no Mama" CDS covers. (^^) Thanks again!!

Item Info (Japanese Site) : This site is a GREAT place for CD covers. (^^) They're easy to navigate, and their images are larger than most places (AND in high-quality). Thanks to them, I was able to view a high-quality cover of the "+ and more" DVD/CD -- it was so high quality in fact, that despite its small size, I was able to see THE FULL TITLE of the album. ^_^

Se7enBoi ("MUVN" Forums) : Sadly, this site doesn't exist anymore. But thanks to this kind person (and this equally kind forum), I was able to get the preview clip for "Kimi Dake ni". (^^) I'm forever grateful to them.

As a side note: "MVUN" stood for "Manchester United in Viet Nam", so the forum was in Vietnamese.

Anna Au-Yeung & stylisticmui : Thanks to these two ladies, I now have the FULL version of "Kimi Dake ni". (^^) Anna is the one who actually posted the song, but stylisticmui was the one who copied/pasted it to Se7enth Heaven (which is where I got it from). So I owe them both for this song.

Translations / Romaji (and all their translators/romanizers) : This has got to be the #1 site for Korean lyrics. (^^) Coolest of all, you can hire them to translate for you! That's how Dr. Kureishi (who runs our Miho Komatsu website) got the translation for "Nazo (Korean Version)".

Corichan : Corichan (or "Cori" for short) is famous for romanizing Japanese lyrics. In fact, her site is the #1 place to go for romanizations. She's been a HUGE help to a lot of artists on this site, especially Do As Infinity. You can also request romaji lyrics from her!

Crimson & Salinde : These 2 ladies translated some of SE7EN's Japanese songs for me. (^^) I'm eternally grateful to them both; I hope to work with them again in the future.

Ll 7l (AKA 니키   [Nikki]) : Thanks to her, I was able to format a LOT of SE7EN's Korean lyrics. Some of Aheeyah's romanizations were wrong, or SUPER unattractive, or they forgot to translate some of the background vocals. (x_x) But thanks to Nikki, everything's been fixed. Thanks again for everything!

G_Zard & masayume : The two of them romanized the singing parts of "Ari no Mama" (I did the rap part myself. =) They made things a lot easier for me, and I'm thankful for that.

XhoXho : This nice person typed the kanji (and romaji) for "La La La". (^^) Thank you so much for the lyrics; I really appreciate it!!

Pink Teacup (website) & Stacey (Se7enth Heaven) : Sadly, Pink Teacup isn't around anymore, but thanks to them I got the (unofficial) kanji lyrics to "Kimi Dake ni". Stacey (a moderator at Se7enth Heaven) found the same kanji lyrics, and romanized them. (^^) I owe both of them immensely!!

Kanji/Other Lyrics

The Cherryblossom Garden : This large lyrics site has tons of kanji, romaji, and translations (which they did themselves!!). Thanks to them, I was able to grab all the kanji for "FIRST SE7EN". And for that, I'm really grateful. =)

milky no hitorigo : This Japanese SE7EN fan runs a blog entirely dedicated to SE7EN, and it has a LOT of information and photos. Thanks to her, I found the lyrics to "I love you ~ECHOs~", which is HARD to find online. (^^) Thanks again, Milky!!

으따 (Jieumai [Music Community]) : This nice person posted the kanji lyrics for "Ari no Mama" and "Believe. And not only that, but they also posted the rap lyrics!! (^^) I greatly appreciate what they did, and I hope to see more from them in the future.

JBook (CD & DVD Warehouse) : This is a store (and unfortunately, I doubt they ship overseas). However, I use them for my lyrics. A lot of times, I can't find the name of certain lyricists/composers/arrangers, and this site has helped me a LOT.