"Interlude (follow me)"
Sung by: SE7EN
Lyrics: SE7EN
Composition & Arrangement: Courageous Siblings and Perry [1]

Song from: [!!]
[1 album] - 24/7 (K)

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Odoowoon sesanga deureura 
Woollyo pojineun nae meari 
Deunolbeun sesang mooldeurima 
Heemangui MELODI (Melody)

Odooma gogaereul moodeura
Woollyo pojineun nae meari
Taeyanga gogaereul deureura
Nooneul ddo FOLLOW ME

Dark world, lift me up --
My cries echo...
Water the vast lands...
Share hope's melody...

Darkness, turn away --
My echos travel...
Sun, lift your head up...
Open your eyes, follow me.

Oasis Heart3's Notes:
[1] Aside from creating music, Perry is also a solo artist on the YG Family record label. ^^

[!!] Since SE7EN's an international artist, I listed where each CD was produced: