"Sono Mama de..." ("Stay That Way...")
Performed by: SE7EN
Lyrics: Takuya Kanatsuki
Composition: D.A.I (Dai Nagao)
Arrangement: Ken Matsubara

Song from: [!!]
[1 album] - FIRST SE7EN (J)

»Layout Designed by: Oasis Heart3 (WAFTF)

»Translation by: Salinde (WAFTF & Anime-Kraze.org)
»Romaji by: Cori (Corichan.com)

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(Yeah...I just wanna say
I miss you...listen...) [1]

Niawanakatta SUUTSU (Suit) mo
Sama ni natte kita noni
Kono machi de no kurashi ni mo
Narete ikanakucha

KAA SUTEREO (Car Stereo) kara todoku
Dokoka yasashii utakoe
Mado no soto e nigete yuku
Shiroi tameiki

Mitasareteku kedo
Hitotsu dake nanika tarinai

Saishuu BERU (Bell) hibiku
HOOMU (Platform) de kawashita KISU (Kiss) [2]
Ano yakusoku kanarazu mamoru kara

Kutabireta SUNIIKAA (Sneakers) to
Chiisana kaban hitotsu de
Otona e no kaidan o
Nobori hajimeta

Ano hi no nakigao
Ichido dake miseta tsuyogari

Yume kanaeru koto wa
Tayasukunai no sa
Demo kanarazu mukae ni modoru kara

(Oh no...oh no...ooh baby...yeah...)

Hanareta kyori futari
Yume no naka de no KISU (Kiss)
Shigoto datte honto wa
Te ni tsukanai no sa

Demo shinjite okure yo sono hi made
Sono mama de...

(Yeah...I just wanna say
I miss you...listen...) [1]

Although I'm starting to look good
In the suit that wasn't really me,
I have to get used
To the life in this city, too.

Gentle singing
From the car stereo reaches me...
White sighs
Flee out of the windows...

I feel fulfilled,
Aside from one thing that's somehow missing...

We exchanged a kiss on the platform [2]
As the final bells rang...
I'll keep that promise for sure.

I began climbing
The stairs of adulthood
With worn sneakers
And a small briefcase...

I cried that day...
I only showed bravado once.

It's not easy
To realize dreams,
But I'll come for you without fail.

(Oh no...oh no...ooh baby...yeah...)

The two, apart,
Kiss in dreams --
To tell you the truth,
I can't concentrate on work either...

But please believe me -- until that day comes,
Stay the way you are...
Oasis Heart3's Notes:
[!!] Since SE7EN's an international artist, I listed where each CD was produced:

[1] I wanted to include the English he says at the beginning and end of the song. But I can't understand everything he says at the end of the song. Sorry. ><;;

[2] I was SO confused over why ホーム ("HOOMU") meant "plat(form)", and not "home". According to several dictionaries, it CAN mean both. So I asked Salinde, and here's what she said:

     "It's similar to how we analyze words that have multiple definitions and pick which definition is being used for a particular context. The 'home' use of the word is basically only used in katakana phrases like 'my home' and 'at home' (as in 'comfortable, homey') and such.

     ...[In these lyrics,] it's taken from the '-form' in 'platform' Japanese syllabic representations are limited and often inconsistent, and they chose to use 'hoomu' instead of 'foomu' for it."