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Welcome to the new and improved "Lyrics Index"!! Instead of putting everything on three pages, ALL the songs are on one page. If any of the songs are "special" (i.e.: collaborations, tributes/covers, etc.), I'll write a note next to it.

The new layout is easier for you to read, and easier for me to manage. It's a win-win situation for all of us. ^__^

Since SE7EN is an international artist, I've color-coded the links:

Green Links = originally released in Japan
Purple Links = originally released in Korea

These lyrics are subject to revision at any time. If a revision occurs, I will let you know in the Site Updates. If you take any lyrics, post this site's URL. And give credit to me (Oasis Heart3) and the translators. Since I've already listed the credits in the lyrics, there are no excuses. Just copy/paste it.

If you don't see a song on here, there are two possible reasons:

1) I didn't add the song yet. I'm only listing songs that CONTAIN ENGLISH-TRANSLATED LYRICS.

2) You're using the wrong title!! I list songs based on their romaji title, so "Paradise" would be listed as "Rakuen". And sometimes, a song is romanized incorrectly (ex: "Koi Otome" is often called "Koi Hi" by mistake).

     Also, please note that I use the Hepburn system of romaji, so certain titles might be written differently (ex: I'll write "Mirai e", but other people might write "Mirai he." It's the same thing, just a matter of opinion [and possibly, geographic location] -- sort of like "flavor" and "flavour".)

     Lastly, I'll often combine verbs at the end of words. Someone else might write 信じている as "shinjite iru", but I'll write "shinjiteiru".

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as of May 3, 2009

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Other (collabs, tributes, etc.)


Other (collabs, tributes, etc.)


All Night Long... -> Korean song; see "Bamsaedohrok..."
Ari no Mama



I Know -> Korean song; see "Nan Arayo"
Japanese version of "Jalhalge" I love you ~ECHOs~
I wanna...
I'll Do Well / I'm Okay -> Korean song; see "Jalhalge"
Interlude (follow me)



Passion -> Korean song; see "Yeol Jeong"