SE7EN, Korean R&B singer
SE7EN, Korean R&B singer

Profile (SE7EN)

Before I begin, I'll give you some basic stats:

  • Stage Name: SE7EN
  • Real Name: Choi Dong-Wook (최동욱)
  • Birthday: November 9, 1984
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Immediate Family: Parents, 2 older sisters, grandmother
  • Favorite USA Artists: Justin Timberlake, Usher, Alicia Keys, Dru Hill
  • His Record Labels:
    • Korea: YG Family
    • Japan: Nextar Records
    • USA: Red Queen Media (actually, I think this is a "middleman" company that'll promote SE7EN until a US label offers him a contract)
    Other Facts
  1. His hobby is "only music", which includes his collection of 1,000+ CDs.

  2. He taught himself how to dance, and he's well-known for breakdancing (including his signature move, the Nike)

  3. He's a REALLY hard worker/perfectionist. Here's an example: he entered YG Family at age 15, but he didn't debut until he was 19...because he wanted to keep training, and be at his best when he debuted.

  4. He once had an inferiority complex, and hated his lips (which are a bit larger than most Asians, but most of his fans think they're sexy. "The bigger the lips, the better the kiss." ^_~)

Now then, onto a more formal introduction. =)

SE7EN (also written as "Se7en") is a popular South Korean singer. Like a lot of Korean artists (such as BoA, Bi Rain, and Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tohoshinki [DBSK/TVXQ]), he's become really popular in other Asian countries, especially Japan. This trend has been called "Hallyu", or "the Korean wave".

It's because of Hallyu that I "discovered" SE7EN. (^^) The truth is, I'd heard of SE7EN before, but I wasn't into Korean music, mostly because I didn't understand Korean at all. It was such a weird language, and man does it look ugly when you romanize it. (xD) So I stuck with Japanese music.

So I first became interested in SE7EN when he entered the Japanese market...but I was mostly interested because Dai Nagao (the creator of Do As Infinity, and several other groups) composed a lot of his songs. (^^) Thanks to Dai and SE7EN, I decided to listen to more of SE7EN's music (including his Korean songs), and I ended up being hooked on other Korean artists. Some of these artists only released music in Korea (like 1TYM, a hip-hop group), and others were part of the Hallyu movement (like BoA).

Most of the popular Hallyu artists tend to be R&B singers, but one thing that really sets SE7EN apart from the others (including his much more famous "rival", Bi Rain) is his ability to learn new languages quickly. For instance, he entered the Japanese market a few years ago, and he's already become fluent. He even sang a few "English versions" of his songs and he did them VERY well, even though he couldn't understand English at the time. And these songs were done YEARS before he tried entering the American market!!

However, despite those English songs, SE7EN is still relatively unknown in the USA and most non-Asian countries. In fact, if you go to Google USA and type in "SE7EN", you'll probably get a lot of results for the 1995 movie starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman. (>_<;) But rest assured, he has been trying to change this. After conquering the Korean and Japanese markets (in the latter market, he even outdid his "rival" Rain, who is by far the most popular singer in Korea), SE7EN has now set his sights on the American/English-speaking market.

For over a year, he has been learning English, and working with famous producers such as Rich Harrison and Rodney "Dark Child" Jerkins. He also collaborated with well-known rap group Three 6 Mafia, and (based on SE7EN's official MySpace page) he seems to be accepted by other members of the hip-hop/R&B/rap community as well. Several of his "friends" include Lil' Kim, Kanye West, The Black Eyed Peas, Akon, and Lil' Wayne.

Although MySpace is not really a "trusted source" when it comes to making "friends" (most artists will accept anyone as their friend, really. xD), SE7EN's page does prove that he's been working hard on his US debut.

If you visit his MySpace page, you can sample one of his new English songs, "Girls". The beat was done by Dark Child, and it features Lil' Kim!! (^_____^) I'm also pretty sure that, in the background, you'll hear Teddy. (^^) Teddy is Korean-American, and a member of the Korean group 1TYM, which is also on the YG Family record label. He and SE7EN have been friends for years, and Teddy has created a lot of his songs, including "Nan Arayo (I Know)", and "La La La" (which is one of SE7EN's biggest hits in Korea and Japan. Supposedly, the song will have an English version soon).

Also on SE7EN's MySpace page (and on YouTube as well), you'll find this special message where he thanks all his fans, and apologizes for the delays in his US debut. The entire message is done in ENGLISH, and he seems to really understand the language. Several months ago when he spoke in English during interviews, there was always a translator nearby, just in case. Not only that but his English was "broken", always interrupted with "ahhs" and "umms", like he didn't know the exact words to say. But he's overcome these problems now, and he really has a grasp for the language. ^^

SE7EN is a hardworking and intelligent man. He can easily adapt to any situation and he has a thirst for learning (aside from learning new languages, he's also learned how to play guitar, piano and drums). He also has a wonderful voice, and he's cute. AND he's got a great body (which amuses me, because he wasn't really muscular before. But I guess he wanted to compete against Rain as much as he could, since Rain is best known for two things [other than singing, that is]: his acting work, and his GREAT body).

Anyway, because of SE7EN's hard work, and his carefulness in entering the American/English-speaking market (this market is hard for a foreigner to enter), there's no doubt in my mind that SE7EN will be successful. This site will be with him every step of the way (including any Japanese releases), and I hope you'll be with us too.