This is where I thank all the people and websites that helped me build "We are For the Future". (^^) I hope you visit them all!

Thank-You's - Sites Recommended by WAFTF Visitors

All translators, donators, and members of The RID Squad : This site wouldn't be where it is without all of you, and words can't nearly express my gratitude. (^^) I've given full thanks to everyone in the appropriate sections/sub-sites, so please be sure to visit The RID Squad page (and the Links section of each sub-site).

Free CSS Templates : I had dreamed of using a layout like this, but I couldn't create it by myself -- my HTML skills are still pretty basic. That of course meant I had to try finding my "dream layout" online, and after weeks of searching, I finally found it on this site! (^^) Free CSS Templates has a great (and LARGE) selection of free templates you can use. You can also modify the templates too (which is what I did here), as long as you give them credit for the original layout.

Microsoft Paint, IfranView, Ultimate Paint, and Gimp : These programs have helped me with every image on this site. (^^) Thanks to them, I've been able to make discography pictures (MS Paint and IrfanView) and swap the site colors (Ultimate Paint and Gimp). Best of all, IrfranView and Gimp are free to use!

Rounded Cornr (Round Corner HTML/Image Generator) : This site really helped me out with the layout! (^__^) Whenever I wanted to make the layout a different color, I couldn't get the corners to look right. But then I found this site, and it immediately solved my problem -- it was a dream come true! You can make rounded corners in any size and color here, so I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a "rounded" look on their site.

Esteban Sagrero and his XSPF Player : Thanks to him I have a new, even more interactive way to post MP3 samples...and yes, I dreamed of finding this program, too. (^^;) Unfortunately, Mr. Sagrero's original site is now gone, but you can find some nice clones online. (^^) Or if you want, I could make his files available for download.

TomaWeb Image Mapper : Thanks to this beautiful (and free!) program, I can make the "Latest CD" pictures become image maps. :) In other words, this program made the words "YesAsia" and "CDJapan" turn into links. (^^) It's a really cool program that can be used on all sorts of images, and in all sorts of ways.

PollDaddy : This site lets me create polls and surveys, for free. They also let you customize your polls and surveys so they'll blend in with your site's layout.

HTML Source : Thanks to this lovely site (which is FULL of helpful tips), I learned how to make a custom 404 error. (^^) A custom 404 now appears whenever you try to visit any page on the old this page, for instance.

Help with Internet Explorer (IE) Conditional Statements : I had MAJOR problems creating the top menus for these sites. (-__-) Basically, Internet Explorer 6 really screwed things up. That meant I had to create TWO versions of the menu: one with code that works in IE6, and one that works for every other browser (Firefox, Opera, etc).

Naturally, I don't want to update two I wondered if there was a way to put all the code in ONE file, and tell each browser "you're only supposed to read this code". I'd almost given up hope...until I found these sites. (^___^) Thanks to them, I learned about "conditional statements" (if, then, else) that work in Internet Explorer, and I was able to finish the menus with no further problems.

The first two sites showed me how to only display things in IE6; the last two sites showed me how to hide things from IE6 (and later versions) --

Batch File Modifier : I also dreamed of finding a program like this, and after weeks of searching I finally found it! This program allows you to update/edit your pages instantly. (^_^) Within seconds, you can update dozens of pages! So for instance, let's say I wrote the wrong URL for "mellow amber"'s MP3 sample. That means I might have 10 pages with this mistake. (>_<;;) But instead of me opening/editing each page, I can tell this program to find/replace the mistake. So it'll fix all 10 pages for me, and it'll do it in less than a minute!!

This program is small, but very powerful -- it also allows the use of wildcards (*) and case-sensitive replacements. It can also rename files, "tidy" your HTML code, and do more things as well...but I don't use those features so I can't tell you how good they work. ^^;

I highly recommend this program to ALL web designers; it's FREE!

Centauri : This nice, talented and smart web designer really helped me out when I had problems with this layout. I couldn't get the top menu to work properly, and I couldn't get some other issues to work either...but thanks to him, everything is fine now. (^^) Words can't begin to express how grateful I am to him.

WebDeveloper Forums, HTMLforums, and HTML Help Forums : These forums are also really helpful if you need advice in HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, and all other HTML languages. I've learned a lot here, and people (usually) give quick replies to your questions.

Windows Notepad & KompoZer : I primarily use Windows Notepad to make/edit my webpages, but I'll also use KompoZer if I'm in a hurry. (^^) KompoZer is a WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") editor, which means you type your pages exactly like you want them to look: think of it like creating a Word document, then saving that exact document (layout and all) as an HTML page.

My only issue with KompoZer is that it's not 100% compliant with current web standards, which means it'll sometimes use "incorrect" or "old" HTML code. But that makes sense because KompoZer hasn't been updated in years. (T__T). And KompoZer doesn't make the source code easy for me to manually edit, either. does create pages very fast, so I'll use it on occasion.

Microsoft Office (and Windows XP) : Microsoft Word helped me "sketch" some of my basic layout ideas. Microsoft Frontpage spell-checked the HTML pages I made by hand. Microsoft Excel helps me keep up with all the news updates and song lyrics. Microsoft PowerPoint helped me create the site intro. And the other Microsoft programs (Publisher, Access, etc.) will probably help me in the near future, so I'll go ahead and thank them, too. (xD)

My Website Providers : I want to thank the following people and companies for getting this site off the ground --

  • My mother - She helped fund this site in the early years, so I definitely have to thank her. =)
  • Lunarpages - This is my primary webhost (i.e., they provide the space and bandwidth my webpages use). If you want I good webhost, I highly recommend them; their services are unbeatable! And, if you click on the special link above you'll almost guaranteed to get a discount. ;)
  • Namecheap - This is my domain registrar (i.e., they're the ones who let me use the URL ""), and they're the cheapest (and best) around. Yes GoDaddy is famous, but they have a lot of hidden fees AND it takes forever to buy your webpage; I used to use them so I know. (><;) Check out this funny, short video for more proof on why Namecheap is better than GoDaddy.
  • Photobucket - This site (which I've already praised on every sub-site here) has helped me immensely. Thanks to them, I've been able to host the CD credits for the "Music Staff" pages, AND I'm able to show "web snapshots" for some sites in the Links section. As an example, look at the first site on this page: Free CSS Templates. You see the picture I posted next to it? Well that's how the site actually looks! And I posted this image on Photobucket. =D
  • Google Pages & T35 Hosting
  • - I used them as a temporary webhost when I had site problems last year...but I was very impressed with their free services. In fact, I plan to reuse their services for a future project. ^____^
  • File Qube

Major Web Browsers : I use Firefox and Internet Explorer (IE) all the time, but I also tested this site in the following browsers --

Audio Creation : I use the following programs for MP3, WMA, and ZIP file creation --

  • GoldWave Audio Editor - I make MP3 samples with this program. (^^) I'll open a full-size MP3, select a sample from it, then copy/paste into a new file. From there, I'll use fade in and fade out, then save it as an OGG file (my old version of GoldWave makes crappy MP3s, so I have to save my files in OGG format).
  • Quintessential Player - I use this free program to convert OGG files into MP3 samples.
  • Any Audio Converter & ImToo Audio Encoder - I use these free programs to make WMA files.
  • WinRar & WinZip - I use these programs to compress (and "zip") the WMA files.

Video Creation : The following programs helped me create some of the videos on this site -