Acting Career

Due to Van's many gifts and talents (her voice, her intelligence, her beauty...), she's been given the chance to perform outside of her music. Van has acted in commercials, movies, TV shows, and plays...and this section will keep track of her acting roles. =)

I'm sure in time, she'll have more acting opportunities, so please keep a close eye on this page. (^^) That said, feel free to contribute something to this site. If you have any information, video clips, pictures, or audio to donate, please email me and let me know! I'll give you full credit for your contribution. ^^

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Acting Roles

Role #1: InuYasha
Kanade (InuYasha Movie #4)
»Provided the voice of "Kanade", a minor deity
»More Information: Official Japanese Movie Site | Official US Movie Site | Brief Synopsis | In-Depth Synopsis

Van had a cameo role in the 4th InuYasha movie, "Guren no Horai-jima" (translation: "Crimson Horai Island"). The movie was released in 2004. And in 2006, it was dubbed in English and released as "Fire on the Mystic Island".

Although Van only had a few minutes of dialogue (and her character didn't have a "real" form -- she merely appeared as a green aura), Kanade was a major part of the film. If it weren't for Kanade, the lead heroes would have died, and the villains would have won. So technically, Van had a major role in the film. ^_~

Ryo also had a small role in the film...and you can learn more on his "Other Performances" page. ;)

As a side note, I should warn you that some websites incorrectly spell her character's name as "Akana". But if you closely listen to the dialogue, you'll hear that her character is called "Kanade".

Part 1   (25 seconds - AVI format, 2.97 MB)
Part 2   (1 minute, 19 seconds - AVI format, 9.74 MB)
Part 3   (1 minutes, 1 second - AVI format, 5.30 MB)
Part 4   (1 minute - AVI format, 5.81 MB)

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Role #2: Heat Island
Minami (Heat Island)
»Played Minami, a minor character
»More Information: Official Japanese Movie Site (cached) | AsianMediaWiki | Itsumo: Keiko Kitagawa (fan site)

Van had a minor role in the movie "Heat Island". She played Minami, a cafe bar manager. And supposedly, Minami smokes cigarettes in the film. Which is a terrible habit, and I hope Van doesn't smoke in real life. (T__T) But let's move on.

"Heat Island" is based on the 2002 crime thriller novel of the same name, which was written by Ryousuke Kakine. It was later turned into a manga (you can view cover art from the manga here), and a movie (which was released in theaters on October 20, 2007). The plot, according to AsianMediaWiki is:

A gang of underground street fighters calling themselves "Guilty" think they've hit the mother load when they mug a thief and discover he's carrying a bag filled with cash, unaware it's been ripped off the notoriously ruthless Yakuza who'll stop at nothing to reclaim what's theirs.

Unfortunately, I don't have any clips of Van acting...but you can see her in the official trailers. =)

Trailer #1 [long version]   (Van can be seen at 1:07)
Trailer #2 [short version]   (better quality video, but Van's only briefly seen from 0:20 - 0:21)

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Role #3: Otome
Van (in Otome)
(click here for a larger version of all 4 images. Click each individual image for a larger view of that image.)
»More Pictures: pic01 - pic02

»Van had a starring role
»More Information: Official "Otome" Website

There's barely any English information about "Otome", so I did a lot of research, and here's what I discovered...

In honor of avex's 20th anniversary (which was in 2008), a special mini-series was made. This mini-series, called "Otome", was aired on Fuji TV (at 1:15 in the morning. x__x)...and it starred a lot of avex's female artists. (please note: the characters they portrayed are fictional. This mini-series is NOT an autobiography or documentary!)

The show focuses on the lives of different women. And, since it features a LOT of avex artists (like Van, YU-KI, misono, and Hitomi Shimatani), there were a LOT of different women on the show. Each singer was a lead character in the series, but they were only around for a few episodes. And usually, none of their episodes were aired back to back. For example, Van was in Episode 34 and she didn't reappear until Episode 36.

Unfortunately, there aren't any full episodes online (and the DVD set costs $248 because there are 5 DVDs [with 20 episodes each]...and they were also bundled with 7 albums [which have every song featured in the mini-series].) However, YesAsia is offering each DVD individually!

Sapphire (DVD #1) | Diamond (#2) | Ruby (#3) | Pearl (#4) | Onyx (#5)

  • All bold links feature the ep(isodes) listed below, as well as Episodes 50, 52, 86 and 89 (which don't feature Van, but they did use Do As Infinity songs).
  • Purple = Tomiko Van stars in several episodes on these DVDs.

  • The official "Otome" website has promo clips for each episode, so you can see part of Van's performances. (^^) If you want to see the complete list of ALL 100 episodes (including the singers who starred in each episode), you can visit this page.

    Also, all of the promo clips have background music (BGM), which is performed by an avex artist. And some of the clips (which don't feature Van) have Do As Infinity BGM!! I've posted these clips below as well.


  • Van starred in the bold episodes.

  • None of the videos are subbed, but allennokisi (from DAIForum) did summarize two of the episodes.
  • Ep. 6: Yumemiru Otome ("Dreaming Girl")
    [BGM: "Hi no Ataru Sakamichi" by Do As Infinity]

    Ep. 34: Kirikaeru Otome ("Girl in Transition")
    [BGM: "Overnight Sensation" by TRF] - read translated summary

    Ep. 36: Jirazu Otome ("Girl Who Flirts Too Much")
    [BGM: "Life is Cool" by Sweetbox] - read translated summary

    Ep. 37: Saru Otome ("Girl Who's Leaving")
    [BGM: "UNSPEAKABLE" by Every Little Thing]

    Ep. 39: Dakyou Dekinai Otome ("Girl Who Won't Give In")
    [BGM: "Feelin' Good ~It's PARADISE~" by DA PUMP]

    Ep. 43: Tokasareru Otome ("Girl Who's Starting to Melt")
    [BGM: "Flower" by Tomiko Van]

    Episode 45: Buttobu Otome ("Girl About to Take Off")
    [BGM: "Tooku Made" by Do As Infinity]

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    Role #4: BKLYN (Brooklyn: The Musical)
    Brooklyn (cast photo)
    »Van had the lead role
    »More Information: e+ Theatrix! (Info, Interviews, Videos) | Wikipedia Page
    »More Pictures: pic01 - pic02 - pic03 - pic04 - pic05 - pic06 - pic07 - pic08 - pic09

    Van starred in Japanese version of "Brooklyn", a Broadway musical that debuted in 2004. She played the title character, Brooklyn. A summary of the musical (taken from Wikipedia) is as follows:

    Using a "play within a play" concept, the musical focuses on a group of five ragtag, homeless musicians known as The City Weeds, who periodically transforms a street corner under the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge into a stage. Here they present their play about Parisian singer Brooklyn, who was named after the New York City borough from which Taylor, her wayward father, hailed.

    Orphaned when her depressed mother, Faith, hangs herself, the girl in quick succession is sent to live in a convent where she discovers her vocal talents, becomes a star, performs at Carnegie Hall, sets out in search of her father (whom she discovers is a drug-addicted Vietnam War vet), and engages in a competition with local diva Paradice at Madison Square Garden.

    The Japanese remake was performed at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space Theater. It ran from February 18-28, 2007 and March 2-3, 2007. Tickets for the musical were expensive too, costing $85 and $100. (On Broadway, according to the official Broadway website, tickets generally range from $20-$100. x__X)

    Unfortunately, I don't have any scenes from the musical, but I did manage to find a rehearsal clip! ^_^

    Rehearsal Clip (song: "Heart Behind These Hands". You can also listen to the English version here.)

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